New Dutch Horror on the Way!

House of NetherhorrorWhen I find myself ecstatic over a modern-day genre film these days, it’s usually of European descent. I don’t mean to slight my fellow Americans, but we certainly haven’t been leading the pack in quality horror lately.

Today we got a heads-up on a few upcoming horror flicks from The Netherlands. The Dutch site House of NetherHorror offers some information on Richard Raaphorst’s promising new film Children of the Moor:

A family leaves the city behind for the peace of the countryside, closely followed by a reality-soap film crew. The daughter, Katja, angered by the move, poisons her father with hallucinogenic mushrooms she finds in the fields, unwittingly unhinging his sanity and opening a door for the ‘Children of the Moor’ to creep through. They are the twisted fungal ghosts of murdered deformed children, who see Katja as a chance for rebirth and use her father as their reluctant tool.

It definitely sounds like something you won’t see the mall crowd watching at the local multiplex. So what does this mean for folks waiting for Raaphorst’s recently announced Army of Frankenstein? It looks like we’re gonna be waiting a little longer than expected for it as Children of the Moor is shooting first.

We’ll bring you more as we have it and, in the meantime, check out House of NetherHorror for additional information on Children of the Moor along with the three other upcoming titles: Bijlmer Voodoo, New Blood, and Green Teeth.


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