MTV’s Halloween 2 Clip Now Live!

You know it figures. Everyone else is out celebrating the weekend, and what has to bring me home from partying? The need to do a news story about Rob Zombie’s “>Halloween 2 . You’re lucky we love you guys, damnit!

As reported earlier, the clip comes courtesy of The MTV Movie Blog and their “Behind the Screen” show. You can dig it below. Now then, if you’ll excuse me, I have more drinking to do. Then Rock Band. Then Left 4 Dead followed by more drinkin’ and UFC.

Uncle Creepy

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  • Mephistopheles

    Zombiefriends: Do you honestly think that your online petition and amateur videos are going to have even the smallest impact on the film’s release or what Dimension and Rob ultimately do? Seriously, what are you hoping to accomplish?

    • Uncle Creepy

      He and his lil friend are just being annoying at this point. I just delete their comments as they come.


        Uncle, No we don’t think that they will change the film, even if a million people sign the petition. But at least they will know about it. At least a few fans are being loud and speaking up. If we all spoke up for once maybe they would change. I seen you complaining about Friday the 13th and the new Elm Street on another post. You go to any site and you’ll find more post that H2 looks like garbage than anything else, why do you think MTV and ET gets the first looks and exclusives on a film from a genre we usually get first on. Hell MTV isn’t even what it’s name is. So it fits very well with H2. This isn’t a Halloween film, its a Rob Zombie Film with similar named characters. Back to us being annoying. I hope we are. This isn’t about being Fanboys, this isn’t just about Michael Myers. This isn’t suppose to be well thought or planned out to win total support. This is giving just a little annoyance and hell back to the Studios and Hollywood for the crap and annoyance that they give us. When we go to movies now it is over saturated with Commercials, advertising, product placement then it is just the same old stuff polished up, but it is harder to swallow when it is something that you enjoy. Perverted to the other nothingness that is shoved down our throats.

        • Uncle Creepy

          Again, wanna make a statement? Don’t go see the movie. All you’re doing is drawing attention to it. It’s totally pointless. You think you’re fighting the good fight, but all you’re doing is adding to the fire. Just doling out misguided passion.

          Make no mistake – the studios? They don’t give a shit about you, the less than 200 people who’ve signed your petition, or anything even remotely related to it. All you’re doing is giving their movie press. True it’s a little tiny bit of press, but it’s more press than it would have gotten if you’d only realize that you’re just being part of the problem. The only people you’re annoying are other horror fans, who, as you well know, already have enough to deal with.

        • DeTuinman


          You wanna stop this repetitive remake shit?

          Than create your own art in whatever media you can.
          If your not the creative type, than support the smaller, more artistic flicks made by people who realy love the genre.

          You strike me as a writer type o guy, start up a blog on the net covering new/unknown/underground horror flicks that you think deserve to be seen…I’ll be the first to check it out…

          I’m finishing up my Jason comic, that I made cuz I got fed up with the direction the series went…I did something about something that bothered me, and it worked out great.
          I will post some pages on Dread in due time so you can judge it fer yer selfes….

          Don’t get even….get a head….and smoke some weed.

          The mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.


            Right On on the indie topic, I already do promote and help indie horror. Bitching about Zombie is just a side project LOL

  • PelusaMG

    and… she wakes up in hospital!

  • Rottenjesus

    Man, FINAL DESTINATION 4 cannot come out soon enough.

  • Kane86

    What no petition. AWESOME!!!!!!

    Anyways looks good to me