Get Ready to Play with Michael Myers

Fellow geek fanboys like myself have all been asking one question (well, actually we haven’t but for argument’s sake): “Who will be handling the action figure for Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2? And the answer is ….

Mezco Toys! That’s right, kids, Mezco announced today that they have acquired the licensing rights to Halloween 2. As a result Mezco says that they will be producing action figures and Living Dead Dolls for this popular horror franchise.

Here’s hoping that at least one collectible comes with a tiny dumpster for Myers to sleep in during his off hours!

Cue semi-literate rant about a stupid petition … NOW!

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.


  1. I’m laughing with you….

    Zombie is like Roth and Tarantino….
    Never, ever take their word on anything…it could (and most of the time is…) be bullshit.

    But I’m also lauging at “the petition”.
    Very, very hard….

    The mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.

  2. Forgive me…

    …if this has already been covered, as I’m new around here, but the funny part about this whole thing is that one of the reasons RZ gave for wanting to make his first Halloween movie was because “When you have MM action figures floating around, you’ve chopped off his nuts and destroyed his ability to be scary. I want to bring that fear back”. I know, I know, RZ probably has no control over the merchandise, and I know that that quote is kind of irrelevant because his movies aren’t scary, but still…. It’s just another reason to laugh at him

  3. Ok…

    Petition guy….you need to get your self some grade a weed, a couple of classic horror flicks, some food, some drink and a hot chick…
    You smoke the weed, watch the flick while sippin on a blacktooth grin, eat the food and fuck the chick.

    You will feel beter…and the name Zombie will not enter your mind for the next 24 hours.

    Realy…give it a rest…

    The mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.

  4. I guess the Box the figure comes in can Double as his Home.
    And since he pushed in Sam Loomis’s eyes in Pt 1 …Mike can be his seeing eye dog.

  5. By saying in the trailer that RZ “completes his vision”, can we take that as an ironclad guarantee that he will NEVER make another fucking Halloween movie again?

    • Nope. Rob is currently writing H3 as we speak. This one doesn’t have Michael Myers in it at all. It’s a Halloween prequel starring Sherri Moon as Deborah Myers growing up in a trailer park trying to make ends meet. She’s dating Captain Spalding, her pimp is Bill Moseley, and Ken Foree plays her drug dealer.

  6. I wouldn’t mind throwing down some change for a Hobo Myers if Mezco is designing the smelly bastard.

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