Death by Bog Body

Bog  Body is coming!Bog bodies, which are also referred to as bog people, are preserved human bodies found in the various moss-filled bogs of Britain, Ireland, and other spots throughout Northern Europe. The cold temperatures, water acidity and lack of oxygen to tan the skin leave the ancient remains found in a mummified state with skin and internal organs preserved, but the bones are generally dissolved. The majority of bog bodies recovered by archaeologists have been bodies hailing from the Celtic Iron Age of around 4th Century AD.

Now that you know what a bog body is, allow me to tell you about the upcoming horror movie Bog Body from Irish writer/director Brendan Foley. When the bog body of a 2,000-year-old Iron Age warrior preserved in one of Ireland’s peat bogs is dug up and dumped by a property developer, the bog body comes back to life and goes in search of a new place to rest in peace, leaving death and destruction in its wake.

Vinnie Jones (Juggernaut in X-Men: The Last Stand) stars as an enigmatic hunter who lives in a rundown shack in the heart of the boglands and whose real “big game” is tracking down and destroying resurrected bog bodies. The film also stars Titanic‘s Jason Barry, The Descent‘s Nora-Jane Noone, and Snatch‘s Adam Fogerty, who plays the undead and unhappy title character.

The $1.5 million independent Irish production is currently in the post-production process. I look forward finding out more about Bog Body in the months to come. Hey, it’s gotta be better than that cheapo, direct-to-video crapfest Bog Creatures that came out some years ago.

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