Grevioux, Kevin (I, Frankenstein)

Exclusive: Kevin Grevioux Talks I, FrankensteinKevin Grevioux is a name whom most Underworld fans will be instantly acquainted with. The big man had a hand in writing the original film as well as playing the role of recurring character Raze the Lycan. There’s no doubt Kevin kicked ass both on and off screen in those films, but it’s his latest project that he wrote called I, Frankenstein that has us most excited!

Recently I sat down with Grevioux to get the scoop and, man, was he ready to dish it.

“I’ve always loved Frankenstein,” Grevioux tells Dread Central. “But what I really want to do is to take the classic monsters of lore that I loved as a kid and try to spin them on their heads and twist them around a little bit to give them a new life. Just like I did with Underworld, I thought to myself, ‘What haven’t we seen before?’ It seems natural to have vampires and werewolves at war and make them based on science rather than mysticism. I think you can get more mileage by going that route.”

“Plus, there are things about the legends that I really didn’t understand like, if you can see a vampire, then why can’t he cast a reflection?” Kevin continues. “I want to turn things like that around. Same thing with zombies. I want to weaponize them. That would be another interesting twist on the genre. The same thing applies to Frankenstein. I want to take all of these monsters and put them all together in a modern-day setting and make it kind of cool and film noir-ish.”

“When I was a kid, I saw a movie called House of Frankenstein, and back then that was the coolest thing ever. To this day I’ve been wondering why they never did more stuff like this. I would love to see something like Frankenstein vs. The Mummy in a knock-down, drag-out brawl. Who would win? Things like that get me excited; they get my blood boiling. So with I, Frankenstein I wanted to create an environment where stuff like that would be possible.”

With that I walked away from our chat feeling really good. I’m a sucker for a good monster-mash, and from speaking to Kevin for just a little while, I could tell that he is, too. We’re in good hands with this one, folks. I have a feeling that this flick will do a lot in the way of washing the bad taste left behind from Van Helsing out of our mouths.

I, Frankenstein will first see life as an upcoming comic book series from Darkstorm Comics set for release later this year. The movie will follow after that with Patrick Tatopoulos both directing and designing the creatures, and Robert Sanchez and Chris Patton will produce along with Ryan Turek, whom you all know as Ryan Rotten from ShockTillYouDrop.com, who will co-develop and associate produce for the Death Ray Films label.

Look for more on the comic and the film soon.

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