CW Picks Up Vampire Diaries

CW Picks Up Vampire DiariesWhat the hell’s with all these diaries lately? Every beastie we’ve ever loved now has a diary of some sort for us to leaf through. Time for the pretty vamps that make teens swoon and cougars growl to have a shot!

The LA Times reports this morning that the CW Network (a.k.a. the bastards that nearly ruin “Supernatural” every week with their HUGE animated logo) have made their first fall TV pick-up … the Ian Somerhalder vehicle “Vampire Diaries” which also stars Zach Roerig (“Friday Night Lights”) and Kayla Ewell (“Entourage”), Nina Dobrev, and Steven R. McQueen.

“Vampire Diaries” is based upon a series of young adult books written by L.J. Smith from Alloy Entertainment and centers on the trials and tribulations of a woman who falls for two vampire brothers – one good and one evil.

I know! You’re just so damned excited aren’t you? Please try and contain yourselves.

Uncle Creepy

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  • curator

    I think at some point we just have to admit that vampires etc aren’t strictly the intellectual property of the horror genre anymore and stop confusing them with vampire stories which are meant for horror fans.

    I actually love the idea that we’re getting to a point in our culture where we are getting more flexible with how we use themes to different ends. In the same token, I think there is a disconnect right now in the fact that a place like DC would worry about covering this just because it has vampires in it.

    It’s not horror. You know it and I know it. Comparing it to ‘genre shows’ is flawed because it’s not even in the genre. The fault here isn’t with the stories. They aren’t ‘corrupting’ the genre… because they aren’t in the genre.

    This is a lot like saying all of those horror movies which were based loosely on children’s stories were meant for children because that’s where the theme came from. If we can accept other themes coming into horror why can’t we accept other people taking our themes into their genre. And we can argue ‘they aren’t staying true to the vampire mythology’… but then again I must have missed the part about Pinocchio’s mythology involving mass murder.

    That’s the problem. This is not horror news and horror news sites posting about will only confuse genre fans into thinking it might be meant for them. People tuning in to see if they like it only to tune out is death in ratings terms and is why shows get canceled so quickly. (That show you liked which got canceled was canceled for the same reason… they market it to non-genre fans… and then when they tune in most of them don’t like it and turn out so they see a spike in ratings then a fall in ratings and assume that the ratings are dropping off even when a fan base is potentially growing.)

    It’s not the fault of the show that they aren’t appealing to most of us… because most of us aren’t in their target demographic. I agree on some level with Mike… I don’t want to see this news here because it isn’t horror news. It’s not the show… Dread Central and all of the horror news sites are on some level doing the genre fans a disservice to clog the feed with off-genre works even if they use of horror originated themes.

    With that said… I understand UC’s intention here is to be sarcastic and rant without saying anything too harsh. The only problem with that is with everyone blindly stealing each others news off of the web… even these little sarcastic quips lead to the series coming up on google etc with news covering it on horror sites and press writers who are too busy to read and too stupid to understand make inferences which lead to a false impressions which they then spew all over their readers and it spreads faster then a zombie outbreak.

  • Terminal

    I agree RJ.

  • MichaelRAllen

    Wherever I go in the horror circles ie. forums, sites the first thing I see is something about “New Moon,” and I am sick of seeing this *(!@!

  • Rottenjesus

    I think we can all “thank” the TWILIGHT books for this. This show will probably suck worse than the vampires themselves.

    SUPERNATURAL is THE best genre show on TV right now. Bar none.