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Ogre Gonna Eat You!



It wasn’t until I happened upon info about the movie Ogre that it suddenly dawned on me that there really haven’t been many movies made about ogres, at least ones that didn’t involve a computer animated ogre voiced by Mike Myers. Something tells me the titular Ogre featured in the upcoming film from Steven R. Monroe (It Waits, Sasquatch Mountain) will not have a talking donkey sidekick or perform karaoke during the closing credits.

Ogre is about a group of traveling teenagers who happen upon a small village named Ellensford, which I’m speculating is located somewhere within the United States judging by the American sounding character names listed on the IMDB. The teens come to discover that none of the villagers ever age or get sick and their crops are always plentiful. They also come to discover the horrifying reason why all this is – an ancient pact with an ogre living within a nearby mountain who requires an annual human sacrifice. I’m guessing one or more of the teens get nominated for this year’s tribute and they have to battle both the villagers and the ogre to stay alive.

Ogre stars Ginger Snaps beauty Katharine Isabelle, Ryan Kennedy (soon to be seen in the upcoming David Goyer flick The Invisible), and the incomparable John “the original Bo Duke” Schneider, who I’m guessing plays a village elder since he’s a bit too old for teen roles.

Currently in post-production, Ogre has all the markings of a Sci-Fi Channel original, set to premiere later this year given that Ogre was produced by Cinetel Films, a company that has done numerous Sci-Fi Channel original movies like Cerberus, Caved In: Prehistoric Terror, and (UGH!) Komodo vs. Cobra. The bigger question will be whether the ogre is a typical, unconvincing Sci-Fi Channel CGI creation or a guy in a costume like the ones in Monroe’s previous two creature features?

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