Lots of Horror Going Blu on September 8th!

Every year there’s at least one day on which a bunch of horror classics all come out of the woodwork. For Blu-ray owners that day is September 8th, 2009, as Warner Bros unleashes Snakes on a Plane, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake), Freddy Vs. Jason and even the classic King/Romero collaboration Creepshow into the high definition arena!

Below you’ll find the specs and artwork for each release with the exception of Creepshow because nothing has been confirmed except the date. We did, however, hear from Michael Felsher of Red Shirt Pictures via his Facebook page that unfortunately none of the stellar features from the UK import will make it. Talk about a travesty! In any event, read on!

Freddy Vs. Jason

  • Audio commentary by director Ronny Yu, Robert Englund (Freddy), and Ken Kirzinger (Jason)
  • Deleted/alternate scenes including the original opening and ending
  • Featurette gallery covering the film’s development, art direction, makeup effects, stuntwork, and more
  • Visual effects exploration with the creative team
  • Storyboards and production art galleries
  • Publicity/promotion vignettes
  • “Ill Niño – How Can I Live” music video
  • Theatrical trailer & TV spots
  • Freddy Vs. Jason on Blu-ray

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

  • Three audio commentaries on production, story, and technical aspects with producer Michael Bay, director Marcus Nispel, stars Jessica Biel and Eric Balfour, and more
  • Alternate opening and ending
  • “Severed Parts: deleted scenes” featurette
  • “Chainsaw Redux: Making a Massacre” – feature-length documentary chronicling the movie’s origins, casting, and production
  • “Ed Gein: The Ghost of Plainfield” – shocking profile of the real-life killer that inspired the movie
  • Screen tests of Jessica Biel, Eric Balfour, and Erica Leerhsen
  • “Motograter – Suffocate” music video
  • Theatrical trailers & TV spots
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Blu-ray

    Snakes on a Plane

  • Audio commentary by Samuel L. Jackson, director David R. Ellis, and others
  • Blooper reel
  • Deleted scenes
  • Cobra Starship, “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)” music video, including behind-the-scenes
  • Featurette gallery: “Pure Venom: The Making of Snakes on a Plane”, “Meet the Reptiles”, “Visual Effects”, “Snakes on a Blog”
  • Theatrical trailers & TV spots

    Snakes on a Plane on Blu-ray

    Uncle Creepy

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  • Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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    • gorehound

      Apparently the new blu-ray release of Creepshow just mentioned will have none of the extras on the previous Region 2 release on DVD.

      Disc 2: Extra Features
      Just Desserts: The Making of “Creepshow” – 90-minute documentary split into 7 chapters:
      Chapter One: An “E.C.” Way To Start
      From the origins of the classic “E.C.” comics to the creation of the film’s screenplay, this chapter delves in the historic meeting of George Romero and Stephen King and how Creepshow came to be.
      Chapter Two: A Comic Book World
      A look into the production, design, cinematography, and on-set challenges in creating the comic-ally dynamic visuals of the film.
      Chapter Three: Acting Scared
      Candid interviews with many of the actors, including Adrienne Barbeau and Ed Harris, and how they created their outrageous characters.
      Chapter Four: Creature Features
      An in-depth look at the ghoulish creations of special make-up effects and creature creator Tom Savini.
      Chapter Five: Creepy Crawlies
      The cast & crew sound off on the difficulties of wrangling over 10,000 cockroaches in the film’s final segment.
      Chapter Six: Anthology Unleashed
      Follow the film through post-production, including the creation of the memorable score, and see how it became a theatrical and critical success
      Chapter Seven: 25 Years Later…
      The cast and crew look back on the film’s enduring popularity and their memories of making it.
      5 Deleted Scenes (15:03mins)
      Tom Savini’s Behind-the-Scenes Footage (26:31mins)
      Theatrical Trailer
      Stills Gallery

      Contact the head of Home Entertainment here:


    • MagusMaleficus

      Well, that sucks… The only disc in the lot I’m excited about is Creepshow. I could care less if I see any high-def snakes on a motherfuckin’ plane.

    • Gory

      I am surprised the Creepshow disc won’t have the special features since they’re already done. I’m sure they’d have to pay for the rights to use them but it would be cheaper than producing new ones from scratch and the sales would be higher because fans like myself that already have the UK DVD would get a Blu-ray of it in a heartbeat. Hopefully there is still time to change that. Can we get a petition or something to them? MGM was always pretty good about listening to fans. Maybe Warner Bros. will be. Maybe?

    • The Woman In Black

      Re Creepshow, it is indeed a travesty! Talk about having your head up your ass!