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Dead Rush Goes Feature Length – First Zombieworld Success Story!



Dead Rush

When we set out to bring the world Zombieworld, there was one goal we had in mind other than to entertain you: With so many talented filmmakers out there, we were praying someone would watch the movie, get in touch with one of its makers, and get that person to make either a feature based on the short that appeared in ZW or a new feature entirely.

Mission accomplished. We are just giddy about this!

From the Press Release:
Ruthless Pictures has begun pre-production on the full-length blood and guts zombie film Dead Rush, written and directed by Zachary Ramelan.

Ramelan’s zombie short by the same name was selected to be featured in Ruthless Pictures’ and Dread Central’s Zombieworld, released in 2014. Ramelan’s feature debut is now jumping headfirst into full feature territory.

David Michael Moote, Raven Cousens, Caleigh Le Grand, and Rich Piatkowski star.

Dead Rush witnesses a virus infection threatening mankind with extinction through the eyes of one man.

“From a certain point of view, the end of the world as we know it,” says Ramelan “is either life-shattering or an opportunity to seize control.”

Dead Rush

Dead Rush

Dead Rush





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