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Knowing was a very polarizing film to say the least. It did alright at the box office. Roger Ebert gave it four stars. Most every other critic despised it. I enjoyed it for the hokey leftover Seventies Larry Cohen-style doomsday porn flick it was. Uncle Creepy nearly imploded from the hate he felt for it. Now you too can decide if the Alex Proyas/Nicolas Cage flick was great, terrible, or somewhere in between.

If you didn’t see Knowing or listen to our spoiler-filled Dinner For Fiends about it (Sorry, angry anti-spoiler email writer) and don’t know what Knowing is all about, well, it begins with Cage’s kid discovering Nostradamus’ Sudoku in the school time capsule, followed by more catastrophes than your average NBC Fall line-up, then the Trenchcoat Mafia from begin appearing in bedrooms of terrified children to give them the ultimate anti-forest fire PSA, and it finally all culminates with Erich von Daniken rising from the grave to spike a football, do the Icky Shuffle, and yell “See! See! I told you! I told you I was right!

Though full details have yet to be made, DVD Active got hold of a trade ad announcing the July 7th DVD release of Knowing. We know to expect a director’s commentary and two behind the scenes featurettes. Retail price for the disc is slated at $26.99 and $34.99 for Blu-ray.

Personal note: I have yet to experience the majesty of a Nic Cage hair piece in Blu-ray high def.

Knowing DVD / Blu-ray Ad


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  • Genrewriter

    I’m personally quite eager to get Con Air on Blu-Ray just so people looking at my collection can stand there thinking “What the hell?”

    As for this, I’ll definitely give it a look. Oddly enough Foy, both your take on the film and Creepy’s take made me want to see it.