Godzilla Vs. Blu-Ray

Godzilla is capable of firing a blue ray so it only figures his movies should also be released on Blu-ray (This pun works better when spoken). The King of the Monsters will finally stomp his way onto Blu-ray DVD on September 22nd when the original Japanese masterpiece gets the Blu-ray treatment.

Fangoria got the scoop and first look at the artwork for September 22nd Gojira Blu-ray release. Though being distributed by Genius Products, the Blu-ray release will be the same as last year’s Classic Media release of the 1954 classic. Well, not exactly. You’ll only get the uncut English-subtitled version (Sorry, fans of Raymond Burr and bad dubbing!) and the audio commentary track from two noted Godzilla experts will not be included. The disc will still come with theatrical trailers and features on the designing of the Godzilla suit and development of the film’s story. Retail price ill be $29.93.

This marks the first Godzilla motion picture to receive the Blu-ray treatment. Unless you count the 1998 Emmerich/Devlin abortion, which I do not.

Godzilla Vs. Blu-Ray

The Foywonder

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  • Floydian Trip

    The last I heard, which was quite awhile ago, Blu-Ray was taking off faster than DVD. I was an early adopter of DVD and it was excruciating waiting for some good movies to be released on it. It was very slow going for a long time. When I bought my first DVD there were only 3 available. I bought a really crappy version of Night of the Living Dead. But I didn’y have to rewind anymore. Life was good.

  • X-Count

    Too bad I have the DVD or else I’d get it, and a Blu-ray player. Sadly I don’t think Blu-ray will last much longer.

    • Mephistopheles

      Why do you think that? I’ve been considering getting a player myself but I don’t know if its worth it…

  • Enraged_Otter

    OMG Godzilla Vs. Blu Ray sounds like an awesome movie. Imagine the ramifications of Godzilla battling it out with a 100ft luchador.

  • Floydian Trip

    Very Cool. Thank God it isn’t the Mathew Broderick version although it wasn’t Godzilla. Bring on the rest!