DVD Release List: A New Beginning

Some more indies and Leatherface’s first killings await you on January 16th, 2007…

Click to see the title bigger!Cannibal Campout (1988)
Directed by Tom Fisher & Jon McBride

What the hell is this? A movie from the late 80’s that we’ve never heard of here on Dread? That must mean it’s really obscure or we think way too highly of ourselves (please, no theories on that one). Nonetheless Camp Motion Pictures have decided to make their debut with the film about a group of campers who are pursued by ruthless cannibals and loaded the DVD of it with extras. There are so many other 80’s films that deserve this treatment more, it’s a bit sad. Check out our DVD review of it for more! Buy it here!

Click to see the title bigger!Die You Zombie Bastards! (2005)
Directed by Caleb Emerson

I really don’t get why someone would want to re-release this film, even if it does have more stuff on its DVD, but then I’ve never been able to fully understand its charm over some. Image has decided it’s due a special edition release, loading it up with interviews, music videos, commentary, behind-the-scenes goodies, even a look at the ADR sessions with the cast. For an idea of how the movie actually is, check out Creepy’s very old review of its first DVD release. Buy it here!

Click to see the title bigger!Grim Reaper (2006)
Directed by Michael Feifer

Another deceivingly cool cover for a crap DTV flick from the halls of Lionsgate or an actual genuinely cool horror flick? Perhaps Foy’s review will help answer that question, but I’m pretty sure you already know the answer. The story follows a girl who avoided death in a car accident but is now convinced that the Grim Reapers is after her. She’s locked away for her own protection but soon realizes that her incarceration is not by chance, as she’s surrounded by others how have managed to avoid death’s grip. Click to see the title bigger!Red Skulls (2006)
Directed by Andrew Campbell

What could be worse than being in a gang, seeing your friends killed for no reason other than that they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time? How about being in a gang and seeing your friends killed by a rival gang who also happen to be cannibals? Yeah, that would suck a bit, but I guess life on the streets can be tough no matter whose side you’re on. Still, I’d make sure I was on the side of the guys who are willing to eat people to hide the evidence. Buy it here!

Click to see the title bigger!The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)
Directed by Jonathan Liebsman

There was a lot of pressure riding on this prequel that was almost palpable before the movie came out. Could Platinum Dunes hit gold twice in the same franchise and with a prequel no less? The answer, for me, was “sorta”. Though TCM: The Beginning really offered nothing terribly new to our genre, it was a standard stalk-n-slash with a slightly better budget, and it really did have some great chainsaw deaths to help make it memorable, at least for a while. For two wildly different opinions on it, check out Andrew’s movie review here and Creepy’s DVD review here. Should be good for a laugh. Buy it here!

Click to see the title bigger!Woodchipper Massacre (1989)
Directed by Jon McBride

Cause admit it, you’re tired of a chainsaw getting all the massacre love; it’s time for something new. Well, in this case it’d be something pretty old, but it’s more than likely new to you, right? Right. A huge woodchipper does come into play during the running time of this flick, but according to Scott’s DVD review, it’s only used to off one person. Not much of a massacre then, is it? The disc is feature packed though so anyone out there who really wants to know how you could make 80’s movies that absolutely no one ever saw should learn a lot from this release. Johnny Butane

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