Darren Bousman Bringing us Mother’s Day

Darren Bousman Bringing us Mother's DayTalk about timing! With Mother’s Day just a few days away the news has come out tonight that the remake is officially a go! Even better — the folks behind it? Read on and see for yourself!

Variety broke the story minutes ago that Twisted Pictures’ Mark Burg, Oren Koules and Carl Mazzocone — the producers behind the Saw franchise — are bringing Troma Films’ 1980 cult horror pic Mother’s Day back to the bigscreen with director Darren Lynn Bousman at the helm.

The remake penned by Scott Milam will center upon “a family of villains, led by a sadistic mother, who return to their former home and terrorize the new owners and their guests.”

Of course as soon as we heard we contacted Bousman directly and he had this to say …

“Never in a million years did I ever think I would do a remake” Darren tells us. “I was wrong … The second I put down this script – I knew I HAD to make this movie! It’s fucking insane!

Knowing Darren and his lovable depravity this bodes very well!

The filmmakers are pushing for a summer start date to put them on track for a Mother’s Day weekend 2010 theatrical release! Hell … fucking … yes!

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  • Cash Bailey

    Well, it takes no talent to just put random sadistic violence into a script. And this one certainly has that in spades, if that’s all you’re after.

    But the characters are nothing, the plot developments (apart from the quite good first sequence) are based on little more than getting to the next scene of depravity, and the whole thing reads like a teenage gorehound’s first draft of something inspired by a Richard Laymon novel.

    Overall it was utter crap with a bunch of ineffectual, pointless sadism. No characters worth a damn, nothing remotely resembling an interesting plot. Just a bunch of listless stereotypes floundering in graphic brutality.

    And I’m sure SAW fans will never ask for anything more than that.

  • Cash Bailey

    I read the script for WICHITA, that thing he was going to make that everyone was so hyped for.

    It was rubbish.

    • Nobodaddy

      Why did you think it was rubbish? I admired the script. The characters do pinball wildly through out, but I thought of that as more of a feature than a bug. The situation is just so grueling and insanely over the top I bought into people behaving erratically. So many lines are crossed I couldn’t help but wonder what type of human being wrote the thing. Given Bousman’s comments I have a feeling he brought the same kind of take no prisoners aesthetic to the material. I’m genuinely looking forward to this film.