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Because you demanded it! And by you I mean someone you don’t know. Look. Someone somewhere out there demanded it. Was it you? Because if we find out the rest of us are going to come to your house. Let he who demanded a Hobgoblins 2 and a 20th Anniversary special edition DVD of the original speak up now. I’m waiting.

Hobgoblin and Hobgoblin 2

The original Hobgoblins may be more (in)famous for having been riffed on by “Mystery Science Theater 3000” that it is for its own bad movie merits. That still did not deter filmmaker Rick Sloane from making a sequel to his notorious 1988 horror comedy about ancient critters that look like fanged angora throw pillows from hell that escape from their film vault prison and raise hell as only one would expect from fuzzy murderous muppet monsters with hallucinatory powers that can make unsuspecting victims believe their wildest fantasies are coming true.

A new company called Micro Werks is looking to make an auspicious debut releasing a special 20 anniversary edition of the original Hobgoblins and the new (and improved?) Hobgoblins 2 on June 23rd. Fangoria got the scoop on the Hobgoblins‘ discs. Hobgoblins will be digitally remastered in widescreen, where as the sequel has been shot in 35mm and made to look painstakingly identical to the original. Joy.

The Hobgoblins disc will include an audio commentary track by Sloane, a documentary titled Hobgoblins: The Making-of a Disasterpiece, interviews with the original cast, a gallery of stills, and a remastered 35mm trailer. What it will not include is a movie that won’t make your eyeballs bleed.

The Hobgoblins 2 disc will also include a commentary track by Sloane, a making-of featurette, a gallery of stills, deleted scenes (How bad must these scenes be if they weren’t good enough to make the final cut of a Hobgoblins sequel?), and a 35mm theatrical trailer.

If you want to know what to expect from Hobgoblins 2 then feast your eyes on the trailer below.

The Foywonder

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  • Badmovielover

    WHY!?! Oh God….WHY?!?!?

  • CMax

    Why is everyone gonna come to my house? We gonna watch it together?

  • Grave-Danger

    They should put a Mike Nelson commentary on the sequel.

  • plagiarize

    so long as every scene is bookended with a car arriving and departing at a location, i’ll be picking up Hobgoblins 2.