Vegas Sucks!

Vegas Vampires“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…” I wonder; does the same apply for vampires in Vegas?

“When night falls upon Las Vegas, the vampires of the underground emerge. Lead vampire ‘Q’ is on a quest for the perfect bride with whom he can breed generations of vampires and continue his reign. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas police department is in hot pursuit of the culprit behind a series of slayings in the city’s hottest nightclubs. The police want to suppress the truth that vampires are taking over the city. If the story hits the news, pandemonium will certainly erupt. The plot thickens when Officer Patterson is found dead, an apparent victim of a bite to the neck. Left to crack the case alone, Officer Johnson sets out to avenge the death of his partner and end ‘Q,’ the Head Vampire’s, reign of terror.”

The plot to Vegas Vampires does make it sound a bit on the generic side, doesn’t it? What does make Vegas Vampires notable is who all’s in it. First of all you’ve got blacksploitation icon Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, who also directed and co-wrote the screenplay. Joining him are Tiny Lister (No Holds Barred, The Fifth Element), Glen Plummer (Saw II, The Day After Tomorrow), rapper Kurupt, Fredro Starr (1/3 of the defunct rap group Onyx), screen legend Bernie Casey, and Daniel Baldwin (aka “The Baldwin brother most likely to find himself in rehab now that Stephen has found religion”). That’s quite an eclectic group!

There’s actually very little info available on Vegas Vampires right now aside from what I’ve just stated, but color me intrigued nonetheless.

Look for Vegas Vampires on DVD shelves come February 27th.

The Foywonder

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