McFarlane Talks Spawn Reboot

McFarlane talks Spawn RebootI still remember leaving the theatre after watching the Spawn movie. My head was killing me. All that CGI. All those loud effects. The cartoonish looking battles. The missed opportunities. The only thing right with it was surprisingly enough John Leguizamo’s portrayal of Clowny. What could a sequel or a remake hold for us spurned fans?

IESB caught up with McFarlane himself to get the skinny on the next Spawn film.

He has five offers on the table to do a new Spawn film. From big special effects studio budgets to smaller indie budgets that he hopes to be able to write and direct himself,” says the site.

Hell, at this point I’ll take an indie Spawn film. It couldn’t be worse than Hollywood’s offering, could it? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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  • krawlingkhaos

    One of the advantages (possibly the only one) to the remake/re-imagine/reboot anything popular is we don’t necessarily have to be stuck with something popular done wrong. I never read the comics much but I enjoyed the HBO series. If this movie is dark and mature rather than flashy, loud crap I’ll allow myself to get excited about it (for now).

    Hint to McFarlane: you’ll do better with a smaller budget; it seems to force filmmakers to be more subtle and creative. And I know it’s your baby, but the fans own a piece of it now, too. Don’t pull a Lucas.

  • G.D.

    Toddy’s been talking about the imminent production of this movie since the day before the movie opened. I’ll believe it when I see the end credits rolling.

  • Cartoon Autopsy

    I’m not really a Spawn fan but I really want to see a Spawn movie done right.

  • Terminal

    My experience was almost identical. My ears were ringing from the first five minutes alone. I was a kid and still couldn’t believe how loud the movie was. And then the rest happened and… it’s a big disappointment. I’m not a Spawn fan but I’d like to see what they can REALLY do with this property.