Hold the Phone! Another Asian Remake?

PhoneJust when you thought it was safe to enjoy Asian horror again, yet another import is being Americanized — Ahn Byeong-ki’s competent little spooker Phone (review). Will it ever end?

Screen Daily broke the news tonight that Seoul-based sales agent Mirovision has announced that it is teaming with LA-based Imprint Entertainment to co-produce a US remake of the 2002 Korean horror film with the original’s director once again at the helm. Well, at least there’s that, right? At the very least it’ll be interesting to see Byeong-ki give it another go.

Phone tells the tale of a reporter who is forced to change her phone number after publishing a controversial article and receiving death threats. But when a friend’s daughter answers the new phone and exhibits increasingly bizarre behavior, the reporter begins to investigate a mysterious string of deaths that have haunted her phone number’s previous owners.

Check out the trailer for the original below and look for more on this one soon.

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Dead and Messed Up

    Aldous Snow: Awful bloody film. I say, it’s just a ridiculous premise. What would happen if your mobile phone killed you? Why would a mobile phone kill anyone? Doesn’t make sense. How can a mobile phone have an agenda and kill people…
    Peter Bretter: I told her that when she read the script
    Aldous Snow: Yeah, you were the voice of reason, mate.
    Peter Bretter: I tried to be, but she didn’t listen.
    Aldous Snow: Going around killing people. A mobile phone, like doing murders.
    Peter Bretter: Why couldn’t you just take the battery out of the phone?
    Aldous Snow: Right. That’s it. The battle’s over.

  • Kane86

    They have never get any japanese remake right. Everyone that I have watched have all ways sucked ass. But I guess the storylines also just suck ass.

  • Caterpillar

    This was licensed for a remake treatment several years ago, in 2005. At one point Jeff Burr was set to direct. From a corporate point of view it only makes sense to film this (as cheaply as possible) so that the suit responsible for acquiring the rights has some returns to show for his investment.