Pig Hunt Screening and New Trailer

A new trailer for Jim Isaac’s latest film Pig Hunt just came our way, and it looks as if it kicks all sorts of ass. Yes, we have a fairly negative Pig Hunt review here on the site, but from what I’m hearing lately from others, it could be way off!

If you live in or around LA, you can make up your own mind at a free screening at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA, on Tuesday, May 5th. Fangoria has your hook-up for passes.

“If the idea of crazed bible thumping rednecks, dope growing cult women, and a 3,000 lb. swine with a taste for human flesh sounds like a good time at the movies to you, then you ain’t gonna be disappointed, neighbor!”

Not sure how well the pig part of this movie is gonna be received in this day and age, but in any event dig on the poster and new trailer below. Thanks again to The Butcher and DC reader Avery.

Pig Hunt poster

Uncle Creepy

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  • terrorpube

    Saw this at Fantasia about a year ago, loved it!, highly recommended for true horror fans. It totally represents a throw-back to good old 70’s and 80’s horror in a fresh/smart direction….

    Heard through a couple different sources that this is a new cut being brought forth to the latest festivals and the LA Premiere, I just hope they didn’t slice any of the tastier bits………

  • Kane86

    He made Jason in space work. I still love the film since I first saw it when it came out. Never changed my opinion on it. But I have been wanting to see it since I saw the first trailer a while ago.

    • Rob

      Yeah, he did. While I would’ve liked to have seen the winter idea, Jason X is still a fun film. Peter Mensah was awesome as Brodski.

  • hellbilly_drp

    I caught this at Nevemore back in February. It’s a fun flick. I’d say 3.5 out of five Knives.

  • PelusaMG

    Rather good timing in light of the, soon to be, Swine Flu pandemic!

  • The Butcher

    Stay tuned for a piece on PIG HUNT. I had the honor of seeing the film up here in Seattle with Jim and writer/producer Robert Mailer Anderson. AT the party afterwards I pulled them aside to talk about the film. Also, Jim and I chatted about his very illustrious carreer as an FX guy.

    Both of them very cool, and the movie is fun as hell. Y’all in fo’ a treat!

    Oh, and the pig should be received fuuuuust fiiiine. especially by those who are fucking sick of bad CGI. This is practical FX all the way people.

  • Rob

    This movie looks all kinds of fun. A shame Lionsgate didn’t let Jim Isaac do his own thing with Skinwalkers. Of course Jim Isaac got screwed over in both his his theatrical projects. I remember in Crystal Lake Memories he talked about how, for Jason X he pitched this idea with a group of kids going on a ski trip getting stranded at Crystal Lake in a freak snow-storm, and to try and make the Friday the 13th series scary again with this isolation in the snow and ice. They went with the space idea instead.