The Original Monster Squad Coming to DVD

Before there was the Fred Dekker Monster Squad movie that took forever to come to DVD there was the short-lived 1970’s Saturday morning live action “Monster Squad” that most of you reading have probably never even heard of. Having also taken forever, it too is finally coming to DVD this June.

Airing as part of NBC’s 1976-1977 Saturday morning line-up, “The Monster Squad” starred Fred Grandy (who would go on to best be known as Gopher on “The Love Boat” before embarking on a career in politics) as a criminology college student working as a nightwatchman in a wax museum with statues of Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and Bruce W. Wolf. The crime computer he built somehow brings the monsters to life. Mucho wacky antics ensue as they band together to fight evildoers “The Monster Squad” before the monsters have to get back on their pedestals before the museum opens.

Until now the nearly forgotten series has only been available in very low quality bootlegs. That will change on June 23rd when Virgil Films and Entertainment releases all 13 episodes of the series in a two disc box set retailing for $29.95. While no extras have been announced as of yet there is a promise of bonus materials.

I’d never even heard of it until late last year when I came across the below clip on YouTube. If you’ve never seen or heard of this series before, here’s a taste of the Scooby-Doo-ish tomfoolery that was …

The Foywonder

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  • Demonmonkey

    Poor Wolfman.
    “Frankenstein! Dracula! Bruce!” WTF? Even Gopher’s ‘Walt’ is a manlier name when you see that its not ‘Bruce Wolfman’, but ‘Bruce W. Wolfman’. Though ‘Bruce Wolfman’ sounds like he’d go to Temple. Which, actually, would be badass. Jewish Wolfman Lawyer!

  • hellbilly_drp

    I actually remember watching this as a kid. I’m old…