H2: New Photo of Myers … Walking!

In our never-ending quest to begrudgingly bring you every bit of news about Rob Zombie’s “>Halloween 2, we now present the most startling image yet — Michael Myers WALKING!

As per usual this holy grail of behind-the-scenes stills appeared on Zombies’s MySpace page. Hopefully soon we’ll get to see such frightening images as Myers standing, pausing, looking down, sifting through trash, and yes, maybe even pissing his jumpsuit for that really homeless effect.

“Another question that comes up a lot is ‘Why Halloween 2? You said you would never do another one!'” says Zombie via his blog.

“Well, that’s true. If I said it once I said it a million times. When I finished Halloween I was so fucking burnt out that the thought of doing another seemed totally insane to me at the time. I was done. But after a year and a half break I started to think that maybe another one wasn’t such a bad idea. I love the characters and felt that I had only just scratched the surface of what could be done with them. The basic story was out of the way and now the series could go anywhere. Seeing the aftermath of Michael’s rampage through the eyes of Laurie and Loomis was very exciting to me. So I came back and now we have a movie. Never say never.”

Look for the film in theatres August 28th.

H2: New Image of Hobo Myers

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  • Sirand

    I can’t wait till Rob says “I’ll NEVER make a trilogy” and signs up for H3.

  • krawlingkhaos

    Come on Rob; you’re making an unnecessary sequel to get funding for another project, which I think is the same one you made the unnecessary remake for. Lots of filmmakers have done the same thing without destroying their credibility with more shameful back-peddling.

    And I write in the second person like Rob Zombie is even gonna read this…

    At least in all his dumpster diving Michael managed to lose the fur vest and find himself another onezy.