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Shutter DVD (click to see it bigger!)It’s been quiet from the halls of Tartan USA for a while now, save for the recent release of the supremely bizarre French flick Sheitan, so they’ve figured it’s time for an update so we know when to expect their latest offerings.

First up, March 20th will see the release of Bloody Reunion, about a 16-year class reunion with an elderly teacher and the students she managed to screw up royally through her schooling. The good times don’t last long as the former pupils’ demons come raging to the surface and a series of unforgettably gruesome killings begins.

The following week, March 27th, we’ll be treated to the widely-praised Thai film Shutter; After a couple run down a mysterious figure in the road one lonely night, their closest friends begin to die around them, forcing the duo to solve the mystery of who they encountered on the dark and lonely road before their time is up.

NOT the DVD cover!After a week’s break we’ll be seeing Slaughter Night (aka SL8N8) on April 10th, following a group of kids accidentally awaken the spirit of a long-dead maniac in an abandoned mine. Slaughter, at night, occurs. Cinderella, a slasher about plastic surgery gone way, way too wrong, will also hit DVD on the 10th.

Finally on April 24th The Ghost hits DVD. This is the somewhat creepy tale of a girl suffering from amnesia after a mysterious accident. The more she digs into her previous life the closer she comes to discovering something that is better left forgotten.

A damn impressive lineup from Tartan that is thankfully getting away from the standard longhaired ghost movies they have become known for and trying out new branches of horror from different countries. Stay tuned for more details and cover art on all five titles as we acquire them!

Johnny Butane

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