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#SDCC15: What We Know about Supernatural Season 11 So Far; See the Season 10 Gag Reel



It’s the last day of the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, and per usual, we’ve saved some of the best for last.  Today we chatted with cast members Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, and Jensen Ackles plus co-executive producer/writer Andrew Dabb of “Supernatural”; and while we didn’t have much time with each of them individually, we do have a few scoops about the upcoming 11th(!) season and, per usual, this year’s gag reel.

We started things off with the King of Hell himself, Mark Sheppard, who reminded us that Crowley died at the end of Season 10.  Why was he at the convention then?  There was no way they could keep him from coming!  When someone mentioned that Dean killed Death so maybe he’s not really “dead” dead, Sheppard said that killing Death “doesn’t stop the process” so we’re back to square one.

When we asked him about his bitch of a mother, Rowena, he said that she definitely “has the upper hand” after being underestimated.  As for what we can expect in S11, he said if S10 was about relationships and expansion of the characters, S11 is “back to a reset.”


Next we had a few minutes with our favorite angel, Misha Collins, who talked about the charity he supports, GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen). He joked about the title being “full of hubris” and said they’re “trying to make it greater than the year before.”  He wants to “blow the participants’ minds.”  If you’re at all interested in joining in, there’s only one week left to register.

Turning his attention back to “Supernatural,” we asked about one of the biggest controversies among the fandom: Charlie’s (Felicia Day) death.  Misha said you just cannot have “scared cow” characters who are unkillable (except of course Sam and Dean).  Viewers “need the palpable drama” of knowing “anyone can die,” and the writers need to “unfold the story in a free, unfettered manner” in order to raise the stakes.


Jared then sat down with us and reflected back on how when he was filming the pilot, series creator Eric Kripke said not to make “a big deal out of” the monsters in the closet, but to act as if that sort of thing is normal and he’s “known it for his whole life,” and now that’s how he, as Jared, feels about it.  Oh, “another demon, we’ve gotta go take care of it.”  He’s not really focused on directing any episodes and said that he “really loves my position… where I am as an actor… having the director and having the writers.  They guide the ship, and I have freedom within that guidance.  I love Sam Winchester; we’ve been pretty close for over a decade now!”

As for what he’s excited about leading into the new season, it’s that “the boys are back on the same page.”  He feels the show has been able to sustain its fandom over the years because of “really great writers… it has become greater than the sum of its parts… sacrifice, love, loss, teamwork, loyalty… greater messages that are everlasting.”  His character has really had “no boundaries”; he’s been soulless, played Lucifer, played himself… and the fandom sticks with them.  They have become a family.


We were then joined by Jensen, who said that as we’re “tiptoeing into the 11th season,” we’re facing the Darkness and could see some surprise alliances for “the greater purpose.”  He really likes the format of the upcoming season: The “brothers [are] together, back to Sam and Dean, fighting a common purpose,” which is, “What are the brothers going to do?”  They are “joined together on a mission.”

When asked how Castiel might figure into their mission, given that we’re back to Sam and Dean as a twosome, he said that now that Cas “has his mojo back,” he’s a “secret weapon,” and it would be “foolish not to utilize him.”  We wondered how much time will have passed between the S10 finale and the S11 premiere, and he said it’s “going to seem like a direct pickup,” but then the brothers will face “the question of ‘How long were we out?'”  And they’re actually still asking that question after the first four episodes, which is how many outlines he’s seen so far.

He’s directing the third episode of the season, and when asked about the challenges of acting and directing at the same time, he said they use “two parts of the brain” so he’s had to learn how to “switch them on and off,” but he’s “getting better at it.”


We wrapped things up with Andrew, who is probably one of the fastest talking men on the planet so he was able to squeeze a lot of info into a little bit of time.  He recapped where we stand: “The Darkness is out, Sam and Dean are doing their thing, Crowley is dead…”  Having the Darkness out is “a galvanizing event” that “will touch everyone… demons, angels.”  We’ll see bad guys working together.  Might we see the long-awaited return of fan favorite Jeffrey Dean Morgan sometime soon?  He said an appearance like that “carries so much weight” that “it’s about finding that moment.”

A spin-off was previously in the works, and Andrew said it’s still “on the table,” but it’s all about “what you bring to the party that’s new.”   “Supernatural” has its own “blue-collar, Middle America” flavor to it, “if an idea came along that had that same energy, that same aggressiveness and appeal, we’d jump all over it,” but this season they’re not planning it.  Might we see any facets of the characters we haven’t seen before in the upcoming season?  Dabb joked that we haven’t seen them as “song and dance men.”  He then said they’ve “been through the ringer”; it’s “very easy and very understandable to take them to a very dark place,” but it’s important that they “keep a sense of humor, a certain lightness, even if it’s gallows humor, and I think both Jensen and Jared do that very well.”  That’s a side they didn’t explore as much last season because so much “deeply dramatic stuff” was going on, and this year there’s a lot of that as well, but “certainly as writers, we’d love to be injecting more of those human, brotherly moments.”

Our last question was if there’s a “theme” to S11, and Andrew said yes: “You can’t escape your past.”  For Dean, Sam, Cas, and Crowley, there are bits and pieces of their past the fans are aware of that are going to “come back” that will hopefully be both “surprising and gratifying.”


Executive producer/showrunner Jeremy Carver was whisked away before we had a chance to talk to him, but we nabbed some quotes from him during the panel courtesy of ScreenFad.

In S11 they’re going back to more of an “epic feel” with a big bad and a quest for the brothers to unite on. He thinks they have a pretty special big bad for this year. It’s a pre-Biblical story that’s never been told. Most importantly, he said, “I feel like the brothers are going to be really, really united” in defeating the Darkness.  As far as prior characters who might be coming back, Jeremy said, “They’re coming back in surprise ways,” but he wouldn’t provide any more details.


One final tidbit came from Andrew during the panel with regard to a potential “theme” episode in S11.   He said that the fourth episode will be in the same vein and should be fun.

And that’s a wrap on our “Supernatural” coverage! Enjoy some eye candy below the gag reel.

“Supernatural” returns on Wednesday, October 7th.  For more info visit “Supernatural” on cwtv.com, “like” “Supernatural” on Facebook, and follow @CW_spn on Twitter.



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Check Out the Opening 2 Minutes of Another WolfCop



It was just earlier today that we brought you guys The Dude Design’s the newest poster for writer-director Lowell Dean’s horror-comedy sequel Another WolfCop.

And now we have the movie’s opening 2 minutes!

The clip showcases the new flick’s villain trying to sell us on his “Chicken Milk Beer” before losing his cool and taking it out the commercial’s crew. We then cut to a ragtag group of criminals, dressed as homeless Santas trying to outrun the cops.

A fun two-minutes if you ask me!

You can check out Another WolfCop‘s opening scene below and then make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think in the comments below or on social media!

The film is written and directed by Lowell Dean, produced by Bernie Hernando, Deborah Marks, and Hugh Patterson, and distributed worldwide by Cineplex.

Another WolfCop co-stars Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, and Serena Miller. The film also features special appearances from Canadian music icon Gowan and legendary filmmaker Kevin Smith. It was executive produced by Sean Buckley, J. Joly, Bill Marks, Brian Wideen, Michael Kennedy, and Michael Hirsch.

The film is slated for a wide Cineplex theatrical release on Friday, December 8, 2017, with the film seeing a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital home entertainment release through A71 and Black Fawn in 2018.


A month has passed since the eclipse transformed hard-drinking Officer Lou Garou into the crime-fighting hellion WolfCop. Although the Shape Shifters controlling the town have been extinguished, Woodhaven is far from returning to normal. Lou’s liquor-fueled antics and full moon outbursts are seriously testing his relationship with Officer Tina Walsh – the new Chief of Police. An old friend has mysteriously reappeared with a truly bizarre secret to share, and a homicidal new villain has emerged from the shadows looking to finish what the Shape Shifters started. To defeat this lethal adversary, it will take more than a lone wolf packing a pistol.

Prepare for the next chapter of WolfCop that will be more dirty and hairy than the original! Consider yourself warned.

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The Axiom Review – A Stylish and Clever Slice of Independent Horror




Starring Hattie Smith, Zac Titus, Nicole Dambro

Directed by Nicholas Woods

The Axiom is an ambitious, well directed, impressively acted and stunningly shot independent horror film that has just a few, teensy little flaws holding it back from greatness (and therefore will have to settle for just being really, really good, instead).

The first thing you realize when watching The Axiom is that this is a beautiful film. Everything is framed and shot in a lush and stylish manner, but one which is always tonally appropriate for the scene.

The second thing you’ll notice, and keep noticing as the film plays out, is that the movie really struck gold with this cast. Not only is there a total lack of the sort of stilted and unnatural acting seen in countless other microbudget horror affairs, but the performances are genuinely fantastic across the board. The main characters are believably chill and relatably normal in the early scenes, and the acting remains just as impressive once things start getting a bit more… intense. It’s not often that an independent horror film has so many good performances that it makes it hard to pick the movie’s acting VIP, but that is undeniably the case here. Taylor Flowers delivers what is probably the showiest performance (and does it very well, indeed), but the entire cast really is quite good.

The central premise of the film is both interesting and original, and touches upon the real life fact (given some recent attention in the ‘Missing 411’ books and documentary) that a lot more people sure seem to go missing out in the woods than seems reasonable, while simultaneously weaving all sorts of folklore, fairy tales and urban legends into the mix. It’s also clever in the way that it very naturally reveals aspects to the relationships between characters that serve to later – or sometimes retroactively – explain some of the more questionable decisions they make or attitudes they display. While that may sound like screenwriting 101, it’s surprising how many films fail to do this. The Axiom rewards the viewer’s attention in other ways as well, with many aspects of the movie that initially feel odd or unnatural receiving reasonable explanations (within the context of the movie) by the end. It’s not quite as challenging (or as rewarding) in this regard as, say, something like Session 9, but it does add a nice layer of complexity to the storytelling.

The film’s score, by Leo Kaliski, is also quite good. There may be a moment here or there where the music hits an overly familiar beat, but overall it not only fits the movie’s tone, but does quite a bit to help set that tone as well.

The only thing that I don’t feel the movie quite pulls off – and I’m trying to be vague here, because I feel like the less you know going into this film, the better – is some of the makeup effects work. The gore stuff is very well executed, but some of the other stuff feels like it was crafted with the intention of shooting it in a more… stylized manner. Instead, filmed as it is here, the result is sometimes less than impressive and can fail to make the impact that the movie seems to be implying that it should. And while some of what the makeup effects lack in execution is made up for with the ingenuity and creativity of their design, it’s still a bit of a shame when they don’t quite pull them off because, aside from a few niggles that I have with the writing, the effects are the only aspect of the film that occasionally fails to live up to the high level of technical proficiency that The Axiom otherwise demonstrates.


  • Man, the acting in this movie is really good. The dialogue may stumble once or twice, but these actors always sell it anyway.
  • Give back Mia Sara’s DNA, Hattie Smith!
  • If you’re going to put your female lead in shorts this small, I hope you’re not sensitive to viewers unleashing a nonstop parade of “Has anyone seen my pants / OH GOD WHERE ARE MY PANTS!” jokes.
  • “You just pop this here ‘Blair Witch Stick Person / Anarchy sign’ sticker up on that there windshield of yours, and them park rangers? Well – heh heh – they won’t bother you none, no sir.” Hmmmmm…
  • The film really is shot amazingly well – better than a lot of mainstream releases. Cinematographer Sten Olson has a real future ahead of him.
  • As does writer / director Nicholas Woods, for that matter. Any director who can get this level of quality out of their cast and crew on their first ever film is someone to keep an eye on.
  • “I’ll make a run for it and get help,” says the female lead, and I’m like “Yeah, let her go – she has no pants to weigh her down.”
  • The gore effects in the movie are both realized and utilized very well.
  • Welcome back to horror movies, “I’ll be right back” dialogue spoken unironically by and/or to ill-fated characters.
  • The Axiom


In the end, The Axiom is a solid and entertaining flick that manages to wring a level of quality and originality out of the somewhat tired “Don’t Go in the Woods” horror subgenre not seen since 2012’s Cabin in the Woods. The cinematography and acting are hugely impressive, it features a nice, unnerving score, the premise is original and captivating, and the whole thing moves at a nice pace that helps keep the film’s flaws from dragging it down.

User Rating 3.86 (7 votes)
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Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation – First Trailer and Artwork!



As a fan of flicks like Mad Monster Party, I was surprisingly pleased with the last two Hotel Transylvania affairs. For my money you can put the classic monsters in just about anything, and I’ll watch it happily, and these animated features feel like a natural progression of the 1967 Rankin and Bass classic. Which is why I’m looking forward to Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, and if you are too, check out the film’s new trailer and poster.

Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, who co-wrote the film with Michael McCullers, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation features the voices of Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade, Keegan-Michael Key, and Mel Brooks.

Look for it in theaters on July 13, 2018.

In Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, join our favorite monster family as they embark on a vacation on a luxury monster cruise ship so Drac can take a summer vacation from providing everyone else’s vacation at the hotel. It’s smooth sailing for Drac’s Pack as the monsters indulge in all of the shipboard fun the cruise has to offer, from monster volleyball to exotic excursions, and catching up on their moon tans.

But the dream vacation turns into a nightmare when Mavis realizes Drac has fallen for the mysterious captain of the ship, Ericka, who hides a dangerous secret that could destroy all of monsterkind.

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