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Lee Perkins in CarniesThere are really only two ways to make it acting, I think, pretty much the same as the two ways to make it in music; work your ass off day and night and do whatever is handed to you in the hopes that someone, someday will give you your “big break”, or get discovered early on by some bigwig director and become the next Collin Farrell, who for a while was in everything and no one knew why.

Thankfully, Katiebird: Certifiable Crazy Person star Lee Perkins has decided to take the former route, the one in which his ass is worked off, and as proof just sent out a list of all the films we’ll hopefully be seeing him in over the next couple of years. Perkins is one of our guests at the Pit of Horror/Dread Central Fear Fest, by the way, so be sure you’re familiar with his various projects before you come out to meet him this March!

Perkins reports that he just finished up his role in Live Evil (no relation to Evil Live, though that is weird…), a vampire movie in which human blood is becoming unfit for consumption. He promises he plays “a vampire like you’ve never seen before”. Not a claim to make lightly, as I’ve seen lots of ‘em. Tim (Trancers) Thomerson and Chuck Williams also star.

Then there’s the very cool sounding Edges of Darkness, in which Perkins plays a priest who will do anything to destroy the anti-christ; Job which stars Korn’s Jonathan Davis and will be directed by Pit of Horror master John Gray; Deadly Rites & Desolation, both of which he called “strong stories with great roles”; and of course Carnies (pictured) which he stars in alongside Tall Man killer himself, Reggie Bannister.

It sure is going to be a busy year for the actor, but I seriously doubt he’d have it any other way! Stay tuned for more details on all his upcoming films and more as we learn ‘em!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane