Ju-on Game Update! More Movies Coming?

Ju-on Game Update! More Movies Coming?Wow, that was quick. Apparently someone out there does read Japanese. Kevin over at Nippon Cinema contacted us in the wee hours last night (not the Wii hours … oh I slay me) with news of his post explaining the details on the teaser site juongame that we English-only types didn’t pick up on.

According to the story, the name of the game is Kyôfu Taikan: Ju-on. Based on the translation, that would come out as something like Experience Fear: The Grudge in English.

The site says that the game will use the Wii-mote as a flashlight, and that it’s a fairly simple mechanic designed to make you experience fear. It also lists a surprisingly close release date for Japan — this summer! They flew under the radar on this one, apparently.

It’s combined with two new Ju-on movie releases in Japan to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the franchise.

A video interview with Shimizu-san will be posted to the site soon that hopefully will contain some more details and maybe some footage to let us in on what this game actually is. There’s also still no word on a US release, which I’m concerned about given Nintendo’s recent rude middle finger directed at the US horror fan denying us Fatal Frame 4.

Here’s hoping Nintendo can smell the money rolling off those Grudge remakes and throws us a bone here.

Mr. Dark

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