New Still and Video Interviews from H2

And what would Monday be without another round of info about Rob Zombie’s “>Halloween 2? I don’t ever recall so much seeping online from a single movie in my life! Some say that’s a good thing, others say bad, but it keeps things interesting, that’s for sure!

Per usual the photo appeared on Zombie’s MySpace page, and this time it depicts Loomis and Weird Al on Haddonfield’s fictitious TV Show The Newman Hour. “Dr. Loomis is clearly out of his comfort zone as he takes on Weird Al during his appearance on The Newman Hour. It’s tough hawking those books!” says Zombie in his blog. Check out the pic below, and be sure to scroll down after that for some exclusive on-set video interviews with AMC.

Weird Al and Malcolm McDowell in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.


  1. Despite loving Rob Zombie. This may be a miss… Original ideas please? When you have resources, make something worthy, Please.

    I get it, new twists… As a fan I’d rather see something similar to his work on Devil’s Rejects.

  2. Toth and Mixon almost make me want to check it out. Yes, like everyone else I hated the first and rolled my eyes at the thought of another, but I’m also a sucker for effects. I’m still in the “won’t see it” camp, but this was the first thing I’ve heard that perked up my ears.

  3. RZ – “It’s all brand new. We’re not relating to anything done before.”
    Int. – “Where are we?”
    RZ – “We’re on a backlot, which is doubling for Haddenfield hosptial.”

    *Laughing out loud very loudly!*

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