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Jason's on his way back again!With the recent resurfacing of talks about a Friday the 13th remake/sequel coming from the mouths of Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, fans have once again started to vocalize about just what the movie should be. Of course a 90-minute, hockey-masked psycho kill-fest is the most obvious choice, but in a recent chat with Fangoria the pair recognize that they’re walking a thin line with the series.

“The machete chops people into pieces, and with all the stuff that’s going on in horror movies today, you start to get laughs,” Form told the mag. “It’s not like the ’70s, where people were seeing it for the first time and going, ‘Oh my God!’ There’s a fine line between what’s campy and what’s not, and how do you play it real with the Jason character?”

They’ve got a lot more freedom to answer that question now that Paramount and New Line have agreed to settle on letting any elements be used (Paramount has the rights for the original, New Line the sequels, which is why it didn’t get made originally), a team-up that I’m sure has more than a little to do with MTV getting involved, though it’s not clear in what capacity.

They may not know specifically what they want yet, but they do know that they’re keeping Jonathan (TCM: The Beginning) Liebsman in the director’s chair, a decision that detractors of the prequel will probably be none too happy about. Though Mark Wheaton had penned the first script for the proposed franchise re-invention, they’re putting their net out now to bring in someone new for scripting duties. “We’re going to bring in a writer and say, ‘We can use this, this and this. Put Jason in here and go to Crystal Lake.’ We just want to have fun with it.” Form continued.

Whatever direction they go with it; be it camp, serious, or a combination of both, you can bet your ass we’ll be following its development from start to finish!

Johnny Butane

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