Athens Gets Bloody Evil

Evil DVD coverOver the weekend we got a heads up from a reader named Bill about what is apparently the first zombie movie to originate from Greece. Yeah, not really the first place I think of when it comes to quality horror (do they even make movies there?), but perhaps this movie will change all that.

It’s called Evil (or To Kako in it’s native tounge) and tells of an evil force that somehow manages to make the residents of Athens, Greece turn into bloodthirsty zombies. Filled with more than 40 gallons of blood, hundreds of effects shots and new, even messier ways of dispatching zombies than we’ve seen in the past, Evil sounds like it could be a helluva lot of fun.

So when can we see it? Well, you can hit the official Evil site to see a slew of stills, learn more about the making of the movie, or check out the trailer (which doesn’t honestly show a whole helluva lot) then click here to pre-order the DVD via Evilshop; that’s right, Evil is set to hit DVD here in the states on January 30th! Nothing like near-instant gratification, eh?

Johnny Butane

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