JAWS — of the Mississippi?

No, Jaws of the Mississippi is not the title of a recently discovered Mark Twain manuscript that pits Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin in a life-or-death battle with a Great White shark (“We’re gonna need a bigger raft!”). It is, however, the title of a new killer shark movie involving a radioactive Great White prowling the freshwaters of the Mississippi River.

Yes, a radioactive shark, but not of the glowing atomic age monster variety, in case you’re expecting something truly outlandish. I’ll let the Active Entertainment plot synopsis explain the premise:

A massive hurricane devastates the Gulf of Mexico, with it a US government’s top-secret anti-bioterrorism facility. When one of its highly radioactive chemicals spills into the ocean, it triggers mutations in a great white shark, enabling its adaptation to survive in freshwater. As this shark wreaks havoc on local Mississippi River towns, it poses the additional risk of spreading this radioactive material and contaminating the entire freshwater system of the United States. Local fisherman Ward and his hillbilly crew are secretly hired to hunt down this shark, and when they find it threatening a group of teenage boaters, Ward must face his troubled past to save these kids and prevent further catastrophe.

Jaws of the Mississippi is based on an original script by Leigh Scott (Transmorphers, The Dunwich Horror) with directing duties falling in the lap of Griff Furst (I Am Omega, Wolvesbayne). No casting news just yet.

This shark is most likely bound for the network soon to be known as Syfy. I know – you’re shocked.

Jaws of the Mississippi

The Foywonder

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  • Terminal

    Oh Leigh, will you never cease to amaze us.

  • BradG

    Wow this horror movie has to be awesome. I love all movies with huge sharks you know. I am only wondering if this movie is released already or not. This poster scares me now – how will I feel when I will see this movie? Thanks for the interesting review here and I will be definitely waiting for more nice articles about various kinds of movies from you in the future too. Thanks!


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  • Rorschach

    Isn’t this infringing on Universal’s intellectual property? I mean, the red lettering, the font, heck the name JAWS?

    I’d hate for something like this to get people who don’t know any better thinking that there’s another HORRIBLE entry into the JAWS franchise coming out. That series has suffered enough indignity, thanks.

  • Gus Bjork

    Oh Leigh….

    I like the sound of the Mark Twain version. Bunch of folks on a riverboat. Boy George as a Southern Belle.

  • The Buz

    I must see this NOW.