Don’t Be Afraid of the Light Needs a Little Love on Kickstarter

I realized the other day that I spend a lot of time discussing crowdfunded horror flicks on Dread Central. The idea that anyone who wants to make their own movie can do so with a little help from the internet thrills me to no end, especially since I often dreamed of making my own films during my younger days. Whenever I stumble across a genre-related project that sounds thoroughly entertaining, I do my best to let everyone know what’s up. The possibilities are endless.

Director Jason Rostovsky’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Light certainly looks like something that deserves your attention. Rostovsky has put together a lengthy explanation of his horror flick on Kickstarter, which is still several thousand dollars short of its goal. As of this writing, there’s still eight days left on the campaign, so jump in if you’re excited about the story Rostovsky wants to tell.

Here’s what Don’t Be Afraid of the Light is all about.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Light is a dark fantasy-horror short film about Abigail, a strange young girl who is the victim of a group of bullies at school. Daily she faces torment and ridicule for being weird, offbeat, and obsessed with horror comics, only to come home to a family that finds her even weirder and treats her as such.

While her mother and father continue to ostracize and reprimand her for her behavior, Abigail’s older brother, Malcolm, embraces her uniqueness. In a seemingly lonely world, Malcolm is her best and only friend, who will do anything in his power to protect her from harm.

But one dark night, Abigail meets a mysterious supernatural friend that lives in her night-light and follows her around through electricity. The ghostly entity teaches her to fight back against her bullies and The Dark Man, an evil creature from her past that has come back to haunt and hurt her.

Is your curiosity piqued? Take a look at some concept nifty artwork and the poster for Don’t Be Afraid of the Light below. In my opinion, it’s definitely a project to keep your eye on.

Don't Be Afraid of the Light

Don't Be Afraid of the Light

Don't Be Afraid of the Light

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