Early Saw Video Game Screens and Details

Though it seemed to be in a spot of trouble for a while, the first bit of art and screenshots for Konami’s Saw: The Video Game have quietly made their way online. Hey! At least we know it’s coming, right?

The game is supposed to hit store shelves this October on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to coincide with the next chapter in Lionsgate’s fading franchise, Saw VI.

From ClanBase:

Because we have leadership in the survival horror genre, we’re passionate about it and wanted to find another property on par with ‘Silent Hill’,” says David Daniels, director of marketing for Konami. “‘Saw’ has grossed over $600 million worldwide and sold over 16 million DVDs, so we felt like it was a great opportunity to align ourselves with one of the most successful horror film franchises in history.

Combining action, puzzles, mystery and terror, the game will have an original plot that ties into but is however not entirely adapted from the films. The gameplay is focused on the unusual traps serial killer Jigsaw likes to rig for his tortured victims. You take control of a character in an asylum who has to decide whether and how to solve the puzzles and save Jigsaw’s victims.

‘Silent Hill’ is more about psychological terror, but ‘Saw’ for us is more about graphic, intense horror that overwhelms you. We want players to turn away from the screen for just a moment because of the visual intensity.

Sign us up! Something tells me that this will actually be better than the last couple of movies. Check out the images below.

Konami's Saw: The Video Game

Konami's Saw: The Video Game

Konami's Saw: The Video Game

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  • Justin Warren

    I hope there are some good tie-ins to the characters from the Saw films. If it’s just simply a survival game with Billy the puppet appearing on various televisions throughout the whole thing, it won’t be anywhere near as interesting as it could have been. But still, those screenshots are very attractive and I’m intrigued.

  • Rorschach

    Wonder if it will have online capabilities and what they will be? I think it would be cool if one player could be the “Jigsaw” role, designing the traps and whatnot, and the others would play the victims, trying to get out of the traps and escape before the timer runs out or something.

    Ehhh….anyway, sounds like it could be fun, though I am wary of movie tie in games.