Billy Zane is the Magic Man

Ever notice whenever there’s a non-comedy made about magicians they’re almost always either using their powers of magic and illusions to fight evil or commit it? The pattern continues with the serial killer thriller Magic Man. The real magic might well be its cast: Billy Zane, Robert Davi, Armand Assante, Bai Ling, Andrew Divoff, and Richard Tyson.

Billy Zane stars as popular Las Vegas magician Krell Darius. Tourist Tatiana (Estelle Raskin, not familiar with her) just happens to be the daughter of a magician’s assistant killed on stage during an illusion gone wrong. Of course she falls under Krell’s spell, and of course it turns out her mother’s death may not have been an accident after all, and of course Krell may have been in some way responsible. Could Krell be a master magician whose greatest trick is getting away with murder? And could Tatiana be next?

As Tatiana’s beautiful young friends begin turning up dead and the young woman sets out to find her own answers, a pair of Vegas detectives, including Robert Davi (I think Davi decides his roles by flipping a coin; if it comes up heads he takes a cop role and if it comes up tails he takes a criminal part), and the Sin City Chief of Police (Armand Assante, who I think gets paid in coin flips these days), turn their attention toward the master magician and his lovely assistant (Bai Ling, continuing her career of playing roles that require limited amounts of clothing). And somewhere in all this Richard Tyson and Andrew Divoff are lurking about as well. This is quite an ensemble cast for a direct-to-DVD thriller.

American World Pictures is handling the distribution sales end of Magic Man, directed by Stuart Cooper, a veteran of many a forgettable made-for-television movie. The film’s premise had me a lot more intrigued until I watched the trailer and found myself thinking this too looks like a forgettable made-for-television movie. Look for yourself.

What is it about Billy Zane’s bald head that I find so mesmerizing? I don’t even mean it in like a gay way. There’s just something about it – just so amazingly bald. Like baldness perfection. He’s like the perfect cueball and there’s something that much more regal about it, something dignified, and for the life of me I cannot put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the way his eyebrows complement his baldness. I just find it mesmerizing.

The Foywonder

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