Dinner for Fiends: 2006

Wow, what a freaking year, huh? A lot of shit came out to stink up our genre in 2006, and we only felt it right that you get more than just our annual best and worst of list. No, we needed to actually talk about it, get it out of our systems; purge ourselves so we can enjoy 2007 to it’s fullest.

Might as well share it with you all, too! This Dinner for Fiends features myself, Uncle Creepy, Joe Knetter, Morgan Elektra, The Foywonder and Andrew Kasch talking smack about the year that was. And I promise ya this will be the last you hear of it for a while!

Click here or on the graphic below to give it a listen. Two warnings; this was our longest DFF yet, so make sure you set aside some time, and don’t be a dolt and listen to it at work. There’s some very not work safe talking going on.

We hope you enjoy it! Be sure to drop us a line with any comments or suggestions you might have about our new series!

Johnny Butane

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