Evil Has Wrapped!

Embodiment of Evil has wrapped!We’ve been keeping up on the triumphant return of Coffin Joe to film since the project was first announced, so I’m happy that we can let you guys know that production on the movie, The Embodiment of Evil, has officially wrapped!

Twitch Film got the word via an interview published in Brazil’s Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. As we’ve told you about before, this film has every intention of pushing the boundaries of both the audience and, if the report is to be believed, the cast and crew of the film as well; “People saw tortures. The following day, more tortures. Night would fall, and if there weren’t tortures, there would be scenes with spiders, rats. The scene with the cockroaches was the most incredible.”

Age has not soften the man, that’s for sure. Embodiment of Evil was co-written and produced by Dennison Ramalho, director of the fantastic short film “Love From Mother Only”, which you can find on Synapse Film’s release of Small Gauge Trauma. Check out the official site for all things Coffin Joe to learn more about the man and his numerous films.

In further good news, Jose Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe) promised that Embodiment would not be his final film, so amazed was he by how far filmmaking techniques have come in the 20 years it’s been since he made a movie. Can’t wait to see what his sick mind comes up with next!

Johnny Butane

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