Zombie Reveals More Halloween 2 Details

Rob Zombie and Tyler ManeAnd the “>H2 news just keeps on rolling in. This time around Rob Zombie talked to MTV Movies Blog about the film’s score and his overall approach to the subject matter.

Regarding the classic theme music we all associate with Halloween, Zombie says, “We haven’t gotten to that point yet so we could change our minds, but we want to do something totally different. The movie is very raw and very rough looking so the score has to [reflect that].” When asked if he might return to his heavy metal roots, he thankfully replied, “No, I wouldn’t do anything like that. We’re going to have to find a really sort of dissident ambient score. Unsettling rather than traditional.

As for the characters themselves, Zombie promises we’ll see “people who have kind of gone crazy, and they’re all dealing with their insanity in different ways. Laurie was the withdrawn character, and now she’s sort of the outgoing crazy character. Annie was more outgoing; now she’s very much almost like agoraphobic, afraid to leave the house. Sheriff Brackett is a wreck; he’s like one year from retiring so he can just go to the funny farm. Dr. Loomis is in complete denial about everything, exploiting the situation and making as much money as possible while hating himself.

That sounds cool enough, but I know you’re all asking the same question MTV did: What does he have in mind for Tyler Mane’s interpretation of Michael Myers? Maybe Zombie’s response will reassure you a bit: “Michael is crazier than ever.

I guess we’ll all find out how Zombie’s “different” approach turns out come August 28th when Halloween 2 hits theatres everywhere.

Debi Moore

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  • doubleh55

    I just don’t understand. Didn’t Michael Myers get shot in the face in point blank range where the blood shot into Laurie’s face? That’s a pretty definitive kill right there.

  • kiddcapone

    Nothing surprises me at this point. Michael Myers is a redneck trailer park trash text book killer product of his environment. Mike walks around in broad daylight with a Bin Laden beard without a mask looking like a hobo. Weird Al Yankovic, Margo Kidder, and WKRP in Cincinatti’s Howard Hesseman are in the movie. Rob Zombie doesn’t feel like using the classic Halloween theme music at all. Haddonfield still engages in Halloween night parties with asshole rock bands named Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures dressed up in costumes like the bad kids from Karate Kid after all the previous Halloween night problems. Doctor Loomis is a sleezebag opportunistic book author who cares more about writing books about “serial killer celeb” Mikey Myers than actually catching him.

    Yep…with each piece of news, the film sounds better and better. Hopefully if we’re lucky, this will be the last time any studio allows Rob Zombie anywhere near a movie camera.

  • Permafrost


    That’s all I can say.