Bryan Singer Takes Prisoners!

Hey, Bryan. What’s goin’ on? It’s good to see you. We hear that you have officially signed on to direct that movie you wanted. The one written by that kid from Brooklyn with Mark Wahlberg attached. What’s that all about? Okay, well, it was great to meet you. Say hello to ya motha fa’ me, okay?

Production Weekly announced tonight that director Bryan Singer has officially signed on to direct the Mark Wahlberg thriller Prisoners written by Aaron Guzikowski.

Prisoners, a cross between Se7en and The Silence of the Lambs, concerns a Boston family man whose six-year-old daughter and her best friend are kidnapped. He then takes matters into his own hands by in turn kidnapping the man he suspects responsible.

That being said, I shall now use this image for the third and final time.

Bryan Singer Takes Prisoners

Uncle Creepy

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