New Details: Bloody Rage of Bigfoot

Birds Barbie Wins a Rondo AwardsIt was about a week ago that I first brought you news of The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot in 3D. Now new details emerge on what filmmaker James Baack has in store for audiences with this piece of Sasquatchploitation, including a plot synopsis, just how bloody it will be, and why three-dimensional imagery might not be the only thing shooting off the screen.

Monster Island News caught up with Baack to ask him about The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot in 3D. For starters, here’s the first word on what to expect plot-wise:

Bigfoot contracts rabies from a half-dead raccoon hit by a car. As the rabies progresses, so does the deterioration of his mind. He wanders deep into the woods and encounters a Ku Klux Klan/Militia Group conducting training and that’s where the body count starts. Expect a lot of guns, shootouts, explosions, and gore.

At the same time, a group of young “Goth” girls from a local high school are experimenting with black magic and through numerous attempts, they use a human sacrifice as an offering (they sacrifice the “pimp”) and they successfully conjure up a hideous demon that is even MORE blood thirsty than a rabid Bigfoot. The film will climax with both monsters involved in a vicious and blood soaked battle to the death.

A rabid Bigfoot goes on a rampage and ends up having to battle a demonic hellbeast conjured up by stupid Goth girls that watched The Craft one too many times? And it will be in 3-D? How could this possibly get any better?

Plain and simple. We are shooting quite possibly the bloodiest film of all time,” Baack boldly claims of his low budget Bigfoot romp that will be shooting in Wisconsin later this summer.

Baack also wants to turn the film into a live drive-in extravaganza. “We want this to be premiered exclusively at drive-ins. Then we will have our DVD available to the public. We have a local Chicago-land drive-in that is interested in showing the film. Our plan is to turn it into an “event” with a live rock band, costume contest, and some other goodies.

Saving the best for last, Baack would also like to have more than just 3D images flying out the screen at audiences. “At this point the film will not only be in 3D, but we are also very seriously considering (and figuring out a way) to attach hoses to the screen hooked up to pressurized tanks and actually spray the first few rows of the audience with fake blood.

Sounds fun in theory. However, if your movie is playing at drive-in theaters, wouldn’t that just muck up their windshields and impede their ability to view the movie? But if he does come up with a way to pull it off, don’t let the porn industry find out about this gimmick. I don’t think the world is ready for that technique being implemented during the showing of a Peter North film.


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