H2: A Look at Loomis’ New Book

“Why Am I Here?” So reads the cover of Dr. Sam Loomis’ new book, The Devil Walks Among Us. Hopefully that’s what audiences won’t find themselves thinking as they’re watching Rob Zombie’s “>Halloween 2 come August 28th.

Zombie posted the image of the fictitious book on his MySpace page so of course we brought it here for you to sample.

Dig it below. According to Zombie, the book will be in stores October 31st. Ha ha.

Loomis' new book in The Devil Walks Among Us as featured in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

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  • Mercurial

    And what is with that awful, awful faux-handwriting font?

  • kiddcapone

    That ridiculous “book” pretty much sums up why Rob Zombie is a fucking moron….doesn’t it?

    WHY AM I HERE? I have a sneaky suspicion 95% of H2’s audience will be asking themselves that very question 20 minutes into the film.

  • Chainsaw

    Dear lord, with every bit of small detail released about this, this movie gets more and more ridiculous. By the third one, there will be a rundown Michael Myers/Halloween theme park that Michael will be stalking people in.

    Rob needs to go back and finish El Superbeasto and stick with what he does best: his own shit.

  • Psypest

    WHy is Rumer Willis on the cover?

  • Feenix

    I’m close to Atlanta. I should try and go by to see how it’s going. Heh.

    Doesn’t matter I’ll be there opening day. Then I’ll either praise like I did MBV3D or bitch like I did about Friday the 13th for a month.

  • mansuave

    *insert negative comment about Zombie’s HALLOWEEN here*

    No, nevermind, I’m not going to be that kneejerk. And honestly, it gets tiresome knowing that every piece of news regarding Zombie’s movies are going to be followed by comments expressing nothing but hollow horror-geek-rage at the prospect.

    I didn’t know what to think of Zombie’s HALLOWEEN when I first saw it, but looking back after sitting through overpraised mediocrities like MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D (and overpraised, non-remake mediocrities like THE MIST… I still don’t get the big deal with that one), I have a greater appreciation for Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, and I’m looking forward to this next one. Maybe the Weinsteins will take their fingers off the overkill button this time.

  • Enraged_Otter

    I’m sure once the studio is properly satiated with Rob after he’s done sucking their cocks, he’ll actually have the chance to make a movie he gives a shit about and maybe it’ll turn out good. although that doesn’t mean his originals won’t inevitably have rednecks, hillbillies, or excessive profanity.

  • Rorschach

    I’ll give it it’s fair chance. But my expectations are not high, from what I have seen thus far.

  • DeTuinman

    well…Zombie’s flicks are great for laughing your ass of…or crying, depends how serious you take his,ahem,art..

    The mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.


    Or crying..take your pick.

  • The Buz

    I have a feeling a lot of us will be saying the same thing when we sit in the theatre to watch this fucking travesty.