Aussie Filmmakers Dole out Nightmares

Lance Henriksen in talks for Worst NightmaresThere are some freaky looking Outback environments in Australia, as both Wolf Creek and Crocodile Dundee have shown us, but the strange environments seem to be a breeding ground for new filmmakers as well.

Take screenwriter Shane Briant for example. His script for Worst Nightmares, about a serial killer who takes out his victims based on their worst fear (be it a fear of flying, drowning, electrocution, eels, wolf spiders, wicker furniture … you get the idea), has been attracting all sorts of large-named talent from Hollywood according to Moviehole. Greg Kinnear, Michael Vartan, Bridget Moyahan, and Lance Henriksen (pictured) are all in talks to star in Worst Nightmares, in which an author is lured into implicating himself in a string of murders that very closely resemble those in his latest novel.

Shooting on Nightmares is expected to start up this summer in L.A., so keep it here for the latest as it falls into place!

Johnny Butane

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