Rob Zombie Talks H2

Rob Zombie Talks H2We’ve all seen the pictures, watched the YouTube clips, and devoured every bit of “>Halloween 2 news we could find in anticipation of the movie’s August 28th release date; but now it’s time to hear from the man himself.

IGN Movies sat down with Rob to get the scoop on a lot of lingering questions about the sequel. Check out the excerpts below, and hit up the above link for the entire interview.

“I just realized that the great thing about doing this one is, with the last one there was some sense of retaining some John Carpenter-ness about it all,” he explains, “and now it didn’t matter. This movie is 100 percent whatever I want to do. And we never discussed Halloween or Michael Myers or anything. In fact, every time we do something we go, ‘This doesn’t seem [like Halloween].’ We can do whatever we want and it’s very freeing. And I think it’s making for a much better movie because we’re not trying to do what anyone is expecting at all. In fact, we’re trying to do the exact opposite at all times — exactly what people aren’t expecting. You figure with a character like this, this time I really wanted to reinvent him. Because what is this? The 2,000th film, I mean with all the sequels and stuff? So that was the main thing.”

“There’s no supernatural aspect,” Zombie continues. “I never wanted to have that at all. People [are like], ‘Is it scary?’ I didn’t really want it to be scary in that sense. I didn’t achieve it with the last one as much, but it is happening on this one more so because of the locations and how the approach is just… I want it to seem so real that it’s not like you jump, ‘Oh, I’m scared,’ it’s like completely unnerving all the way through until it just becomes horrible to watch. That when you kill a character or somebody dies it’s horrible and it’s drawn out and you really feel something, not just say, ‘Oh, somebody’s dead.’ That’s what’s good about this one. There’s fewer characters, and the main thing I like about coming back to this is we don’t have to establish who these people are. We know who they are and we can now really expand on their characters. Sequels mostly are just the same beats hit again, but when they’re not, you can go, ‘Wow, we didn’t know these characters. Now we can really get into something with them. We don’t have to just go through the broad strokes of introducing them.’ That’s why it’s nice.”

“What I struggled with for so long before I started was if you’re going to make a movie about Laurie Strode, what [are] really the effects if that was real?” he says. “If one day you woke up in the hospital and I go, ‘Oh, by the way, someone murdered your parents last night, and all of your friends, and the murderer is your brother.’ Like what would the psychological ramifications of that be? Because usually they just go like, ‘Oh, O.K., it’s six months later and she’s kind of back to normal.’ So that’s why I jumped ahead two years later and Laurie Strode comes into the movie and she’s just a wreck. She’s like a totally damaged, fucked-up person, and starts low and sinks lower through the whole movie. What I found interesting about it was the final frames of the last one where you feel like she’s snapped. And you know, she’s related to Michael Myers so I figured like, ‘O.K., she’s got that same gene.’ And you see her start unraveling and losing her mind throughout the whole movie, and that’s what I thought was interesting. That’s really what it’s about more than anything else.”

“That’s when I finally became interested,” Zombie tells IGN. “I was bored with the character of Laurie Strode until she was covered in blood, screaming. I go, ‘Now that’s a character I would like to make a movie about. She suddenly became interesting.’ That was the part of Halloween that I struggled with because I’m not really interested in making movies about characters that are clean, nice people living in a clean, nice world. I just don’t find that interesting. And that’s what the second half of that movie was, where it was sort of John Carpenter-ish Land. I don’t have any of that in this movie.”

Interesting stuff, no? Look for more coming soon!

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  • Demonmonkey

    At least his take on Laurie sounds interesting. It’d be nice to see a surviving character have some psych damage done. We havent seen that since like Friday the 13th Pt. 6. Hell, Neve Campbell shoulda turned into the killer in Scream 3. Perhaps later Halloweens will have a female nutcase hunting people down. Probably not, but it couldnt get any more off the rails than it currently is, right? And off the rails can be a lot more scary and thrilling than doing the same retread for 12 movies (or 11, if Season of the Witch doesnt count). Zombie’s got my money.

  • plagiarize

    oh good. no supernatural stuff this time. so Michael won’t MAGICALLY KNOW WHO LAURIE IS or anything like that again?

    seriously. his ‘Laurie radar’ in the last one really pissed me off given that they were apparently not doing anything supernatural.

    oh nothing supernatural at all, other than the fact that the villain is psychic.

  • DeTuinman

    “And the new look that Myers is sporting for this film is also disconcerting — he seems to have the same jumpsuit thing that we all know and love, but he’s also wearing a vest of some kind that’s reminiscent of Boris Karloff’s wooly number from Son of Frankenstein. And he’s wearing a hood, which throws shadows over his darkened, decrepit, busted-up mask. Oh, and yes, he has a mountain-man beard too.”

    All I gotta say is…I aint gonna judge it yet, but it sounds as un-Halloween as you can get…

    The mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.

  • Jerel Of The Dead

    What the Fuck is he babbling on about? John Carpenter-ish Land, well if you don’t want a John Carpenter-ish movie Rob; THEN DO NOT REMAKE A FUCKING JOHN CAPENTER MOVIE!