Primeval Next Week?

Now in theaters next week?The last I’d heard about Primeval, the “inspired by a true story” man-eating crocodile movie with the trailer that goes out of its way to make sure you don’t know it’s actually a movie about a man-eating crocodile, it wasn’t set to hit movie screens until April 13th. So imagine my surprise Monday night when I’m watching TV and suddenly there’s a commercial for Primeval announcing it opening January 12th. Yeah, next weekend! Talk about changing a release date out of the blue.

I have a very bad feeling the real reason for the release date getting moved up so quickly and dramatically has to do with January traditionally being the dumping ground for new releases that really suck and the studios have zero faith in otherwise. I’m sure it’s also so it can get out ahead of the other killer croc movie on its way, Greg McLean’s Rogue. But can Primeval possibly prove to be lamer than Code Name: The Cleaner?

By the way, that same TV spot talking about how the South African crocodile, I mean serial killer named Gustave is not only the world’s most prolific serial killer, he’s still at large. So, uh, if Gustave is still at large and the movie is “inspired by a true story,” then haven’t they already revealed that the movie is going to end without a real resolution? Dumb marketing people!

Oh, well. Mark your calendars, folks. Primeval opens January 12th, just one week before that remake of The Hitcher, yet another January release with a black cloud hovering over it. Be sure to hit the film’s official site to learn more about Primeval!

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