Pangs to Deliver The Child’s Eye in 3D

Pangs to Deliver The Child's Eye in 3DLet’s try and forget about that horrid American remake of The Eye (though that Being Blind is Lots of Fun song I made up still brings a smile to my face), shall we? Danny and Oxide Pang’s original chiller is still very much the goods! Yes, the sequels suck, especially Part 3 but hey! The next one’s gonna be in 3D. Joy.

Production Weekly reports this morning that the Pang Brothers are hot to get started on their third sequel, The Child’s Eye, in 3D. The only other detail to report about this new project is that Elanne Kwong & Rainie Young have been cast.

Hey, as long as people aren’t farting to keep the ghosts away (damn you, Part 3) I’ll be more than happy to give this one a chance! Keep it here for more!

Uncle Creepy

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