Meet Mister Serial Killer

Meet Mister Serial KillerAt least 80% of my emails get tossed into the junk pile … sad I know, but seriously the last thing a mother of six needs is a way to make her penis larger! And it’s disturbing to say the least to know that so many people are greatly concerned when it comes to the health of my colon! Needless to say it’s always a nice change to get an email message that actually interests me! Like the one I just received from Steven Cerritos about his newest pet project … Mister Serial Killer!

Most of us have seen the crazy little animated characters with big heads (or who are ALL head) who epitomize their name…for example, if my husband was one of these he would be “Mr. Cranky”. I’m mean who wouldn’t recognize the round, yellow fellow with the wide grin? Or the angry, green guy with the grumpy frown who lives under our kitchen sinks?

Well, Steven has…only he has taken them to a level that only genre fans can appreciate. Let’s just say Norman Bates would become “Mr. Psycho” in the wicked web world created by Cerritos.

You can visit the Mister Serial Killer site to learn more about this energetic project, and meet the first “personality” in the upcoming web series … “The Happy Faced Killer”, but be sure to wear your hardhats because the site is fairly new and still under construction. Please be advised that these webisodes are geared towards adults, and have very adult themes and content.

The jury is still out as to whether I would personally visit the Mister Serial Killers on a regular basis, but I am also not one to follow this type of internet webisode series anyway. I would say though that if you enjoy webcasts, viral videos and things of this sort…and you dig serial killers…you may actually get a kick out of this site and what it is promising to deliver.

I may be peeking back in on the project from time to time to see where Steven takes this interesting idea of his …

Does that make me a Serial Killer Stalker?

Melissa Bostaph

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Melissa Bostaph

  • Melissa Bostaph

    HAHA! Yes, six…My oldest will be 17 in a couple weeks and my youngest is almost 7 weeks old. (3 of each)…I love it!

  • PelusaMG

    Six kids??? Christ, I’m just about coping after the birth of our second… :-/