Director Pascal Laugier Talks Hellraiser Redux

Pascal Laugier Talks Hellraiser ReduxIs it me or is the term reboot becoming increasingly more annoying than even remake. It’s as if the folks behind these things are trying to disguise the fact that they’re making a remake by calling it something else. I just don’t get it. Anyways, Martyrs director Pascal Laugier spoke a bit today about his upcoming foray into the land of the Cenobite.

In a video interview that has appeared on French film site FilmsActu and later translated on Dark Horizons Laugier had this update to give the new film:

“Hellraiser” will NOT be a remake but a ‘reboot’. Mixing elements from both the first film and Clive Barker’s original “The Hellbound Heart” novella, both the characters of Frank and Julia will be present. The first draft of the script, written in French, is finished and is being translated in English.

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Uncle Creepy

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  • Spaceshark

    Speaking of the novella, I’d love to see the ceno-chick with tongues laid oout on her thighs (and the masturbation scene that comes along with it) onscreen.

    But I’m not too fond of the lonely Cenobites from the novella.

  • Emy

    He is writing the script in French first then translating it himself or he is getting it translated by someone.

    This whole writing in French then translating thing is bugging me a bit. That could means that he is using the novella in French which has lost most of the style from Barker’s writing (I first read it in French then in English and there is quite the difference in the style, I think you loose something in translation).

    I really hope that he is translating it himself and working from an English copy of the novella.

    I trusted the guy when Barker stated his support but now, I’m worried.

  • Caterpillar

    I like that he’s taking elements from the film as well as the original novella. That indicates that his film could be a more faithful adaptation than Barker’s own take on the material. Fingers crossed that the Weinsteins won’t give Laugier the boot as well once they’ve read the first couple pages of the translated script!

  • PrairieGhost

    This “Reboot” will blow ass!

    • PelusaMG

      What does that mean exactly?

      • Uncle Creepy

        Stink like a rancid fart. Uncle Creepy: Explaining offensive terms since 1972.