Indie Thriller Dark Passages Moves Forward

Lilith to guide us through Dark PassagesIt was announced over at Horror-Movies.ca that the indie horror thriller Dark Passages is currently in production. Produced by OutWorld Entertainment and directed by Cesar Cruz, Dark Passages is slated for an $80,000 budget.

Here’s a look at the official synopsis:

“A dark, aggressive, emotional and in many cases, violent journey, the film is comprised of three stories held together by the dark and mysterious storyteller, Lilith. Through this perspective, the film’s overall theme of death is explored through a visually intense and Gothic Fantasy style. Dark Passages looks at all aspects of death — in all its forms— from the emotional to the physical, centered on the reality of losing oneself in anger and pain.”

This doesn’t look to be your average horror flick, but more in the vein of a cerebral and emotional thriller. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Cruz is able to deliver in his first full-length feature, as he’s only done short films up to this point.

Once we get some casting and shooting updates, we’ll make sure to post them here for you!

Heather Wixson

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  • outworld

    The first video you see on our YouTube page is a short film I made with my son one afternoon last summer. An old buddy of mine and my son made the “sci-fi” movie (if you will) for my kid. Shot it in two hours and I through some effects in there for him.

    As far as one of the “real” projects I did you can check out the Award Winning short thriller “After the Fall” on our website. http://www.outworldentertainment.com/Index/Films_files/Afterthefall2.mov
    That movie was shot on a small consumer DV camera over a day and a half, and was shot for less then $300. (All our films so far have not exceeded $500 to make) The script I was given was about 4 pages long. I think the extremely small cast and crew I had on that did a great job. Could it have been better? Of course! But it was fun none the less and it came out looking better then we expected.

    “Dark Passages” however, is a much bigger project with a crew full of professionals. (effects, makeup, sound, music, camera, etc.) I hope to make a solid horror/thriller with all the great elements you would expect from such a film. Especially, since I am a giant fan of the genre. I am making this movie for people like me. (All you awesome freaks out there that come to these websites and are so passionate about the stuff you like.) If I can make you guys say that was “worth watching” then I did my job and I will be happy!

    Some people may like it while others will hate it. But that’s what a large part of making movies is all about. And I personally find it exciting. You don’t know what people are going to think of it. Good or bad I like hearing feedback. As long as I can make something better then a UWE BALL film then I’m happy! LOL.
    So check us out at our following websites and let me know what you guys think.

    OutWorld Entertainment LLC

  • The Butcher

    What short films has Cruz done, and are they any good?

    UPDATED: I went and found a link. “Uh oh” is all I’m gonna say.