Assorted Creature Features Hitting DVD

Looking for DVD news about upcoming creature features starring predators of the sea duking it out, DMX fighting a giant snake, intergalactic beatnik zombie invaders, and good ol’ psycho Sasquatch bloodying up the forest? You’ve come to the right place today.

Mega Shark vs. Giant OctopusWe begin with the most important motion picture on the list, possibly the most important motion picture of a generation. I, of course, speak of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, The Asylum’s non-mockbuster blockbuster due May 19th that pits a mega-sized shark against a giant octopus off the coast of California with Lorenzo Lamas and Debbie Gibson caught in the crossfire. This is the very reason we watch cinema in the first place.

Further details can be found in a rather popular article I wrote about Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus back in January. There’s really nothing new to add at this time aside from the unfortunate reality that it looks as if the film will not be in 3-D after all as initially reported. This is sad, even tragic news. No trailer yet either for what will undoubtedly be The Asylum’s magnum opus, but we do have our first look at the DVD artwork. Spiffy.

On May 26th, North American Motion Pictures will release Carnivorous to DVD. Originally titled Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent (review), this Pumpkinhead-ish tale has an a group of punk teens running down a woman on their way to a Southern holiday of drinking and debauchery. Bad news for them: the dead woman’s angry husband has possession of a voodoo object that can conjure up “Lockjaw“, a huge all-consuming snake with an almost gator-like head. Rapper, actor, and jail cell enthusiast DMX briefly appears as Special Forces soldier out to stop the supernatural serpent.

CarnivorousI got my hands on a copy of the film now known as Carnivorous this past September and wrote a review that probably won’t do much to leave you anticipating the release of this one. Not enough giant snake to entertain. Not enough of DMX attempting to do whatever that is he calls acting to amuse. I’m shocked this hasn’t found its way to the Sci-Fi Channel already.

Speak of the devil. More serpent action comes to DVD on June 16th when First Look Pictures releases Hydra (review), which recently saw its Sci-Fi Channel premiere a few weeks back. It stars George Stults and Polly Shannon among those trapped on a remote island home to the mythical multi-headed serpentine hydra of Greek mythology. She’s looking for the mystical sword of Hercules; he’s one of several who’ve been brought to the island by an evil rich guy organizing a little “Most Dangerous Game” action for other bored millionaires. All end up being on the menu.

I wasn’t fully enamored by the creature feature in my review. I am, however, a little curious about the “unrated” version of the DVD being released because looking at the listed 106-minute running time I can only assume there’s considerably more footage being included in addition to the usual extra moments of gore.

Now anyone who has ever seen a horror movie should already know to fear the forest. Now someone’s gone and made a movie called just that: Fear the Forest. Why should you be afraid of the forest this time? Because once again Bigfoot is pissed!

Writer-director Matthew Bora’s entry into the Sasquatchploitation genre has free-spirited vacationing college students in the Northeast Valley Mountain forest with an unfriendly Bigfoot on the prowl. Also on the prowl are groups of hunters looking to collect the $2.5 million bounty a local philanthropist is offering for anyone able to bring forth the head of Sasquatch.

Victory Multimedia will give you a reason to Fear the Forest with this DVD on April 14th. You’ll find more info and a trailer at the film’s official Fear the Forest website.

Saving the wackiest for last, who’s up for a little Flying Saucer Rock N Roll?

The low budget comedy has three average 1950’s teenagers having their world turned upside down when they’re threatened by zombie beatnicks, hopped up on week and bent on harvesting earth women for a Martian invasion. You might want to head over to the offical website to learn more about this wild ride steeped in rockabilly music and greaser culture.

Flying Saucer Rock N Roll comes to us via Celebrity Video Distribution On April 21st. Checkout the trailer for this one below, daddy-o.

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