B.T.K.: Bind, Torture, Kane?

Kane Hodder stars in B.T.K.Sometimes I wonder if Kane Hodder doesn’t take that “KILL” lip tattoo a little too seriously. Hopefully he won’t get “BIND” and “TORTURE” tattooed in his nostrils in honor of the May release of his latest direct-to-DVD offering, B.T.K.

B.T.K. sees Hodder cast as Dennis Rader, aka “The B.T.K. Killer.” The real-life serial killer earned his nickname from the cops based on his modus operandi: bind, torture, and then kill his victims. Making Rader’s tale all the more incredible was that the seemingly mild-mannered middle-aged compliance officer was a leader in his church even as he preyed on innocent people for his power-tripping killing spree.

The writer-director of B.T.K. is Michael Feifer, a filmmaker who seems to love casting actors best known for playing movie maniacs, such as last year’s Dracula’s Guest (review here), which featured Andrew “Leatherface” Bryniarski as Count Dracula. He’s also no stranger to making low budget movies about true-life mass murderers. He previously directed Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield, Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck, and Boston Strangler: The Untold Story (click here for links to all three films). Feifer also recently completed work on a movie about serial killer Henry Lee Lucas starring Antonio Sabato, Jr., in the title role.

Lionsgate will release B.T.K. on DVD May 12th, 2009.

The Foywonder

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  • plastichorror

    As much as I like to see Kane Hodder working, I think the role of Dennis Rader is not a good fit for him. BTK is a highly intelligent sexual predator. His forte was surprise and cunning not physical prowess. He would often be put into life and death struggles with his intended victims. These fights involving teens and women were quite intense and even taxed him physically according to his own words. It’s hard to picture Kane as having a problem submitting anyone. Mr. Rader would also talk to and try and calm down particularly upset victims, going so far as getting them a glass of water. Again I’m not sure Kane even has a soft side to be able to convey this sense of compassion. BTK needs to be portrayed by an actor who appears nonthreatening until it’s time for the wetworks. Bryan Cranston would be perfect casting, able to show the human side of Mr. Rader and also being able to dance on that razor wire that made him such a monster. Btw Dennis got his nickname by his own hand, he would sign correspondence sent to news and police agencies with the symbol BTK.