Sony’s Message to Kids

The Messengers posterI guess you have to hand it to the marketing department at Sony; at least they’re making an effort to try something different to sell their movie to today’s super wired-in kids.

To help promote The Messengers, the U.S. debut from The Pang Bros. that opens here on February 7th, The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Sony will be offering ultrasonic ringtones: tones for your cell phone that are apparently only audible to younger kids, aged 25 and down. In Europe the frequency has been used to keep kids from loitering, and shop owners in England have used it to keep away hoodlum kids, but this is the first time someone’s using the concept to make their movie more appealing to those with better hearing.

In the film Kristen Stewart plays a girl who encounters freaky spirits in her new home that only she and her 3-year-old brother can hear. Sony’s using this idea of kids vs. adults to try and help the younger, money-hemorrhaging audiences to better relate to this fictional character because as you all know, kids can’t tell the difference between movies and reality until they’re at least in college.

Now, I’ve not seen The Messengers so I can’t say for sure, but I do know that a surefire way to make sure you get more and more butts in theaters is to actually make a good movie, too, so let’s hope Sony hasn’t forgotten that all-important step. Look for more crafty ways to suck the youths of America in to begin cropping up on the official site for The Messengers in the coming weeks.

Johnny Butane

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