The Buz is Back!

Now this has been a long time coming! You may remember a semi-regular column of bizarreness called The Buz: Horror vs. Teh Interwebz, which took “normal” movies and re-imagined them with internet speak. The man behind the series, Buz “Danger” Wallick, spent the better part of last year in a Turkish prison thanks to his last entry, but we’re happy to announce that he’s free and ready to corrupt your favorite films all over again!
Thanks to some serious damaging to his hands, feet, and beard while in said prison, he’s trimmed down the column from a whole series of panels to just one or two per film, which means you get the same amount of hilarity in less time! How’s that for economic?

The first of many new The Buz strips is below; enjoy!

Freddy Vs. Jason!

Johnny Butane

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