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Hospital 2, The (2015)



The Hospital 2

The Hospital 2Starring Jim O’Rear, Daniel Emery Taylor, Betsy Rue

Directed by Jim O’Rear, Daniel Emery Taylor

Hot on the heels of his ultra-sleazy celluloid presentation, The Hospital, actor/director Jim O’Rear returns to the scene of many crimes in you guessed it…The Hospital 2. Oddly enough, despite the title, St. Leopold’s hospital (the first film’s locale), doesn’t play a role here but the viewer is front row for some extremely unsettling images throughout.

After the heinous events of the first film, Alan (O’Rear at his slimy best), and his sadistic cohort Stanley (Taylor) return to dole out some more graphic punishment to victims abound, and aided by his incestuous daughter, Samantha (the cute-as-a-button Megan Emerick), Alan sets up his demented internet viewing platform at a women’s shelter (how they never knew what went on was beside me). It doesn’t take very long before the perverse castigations commence – however, Stanley isn’t satiated by such activities, as his memory won’t let him forget the two that got away – survivors Beth (Constance Medrano) and Skye (Rue). The ladies recollections plague them, and they are somewhat unaware that they are being stalked once again by the portly savage.

As this movie trudges along, we see just how twisted the directorial doublet of O’Rear and Taylor’s minds’ work – the imagery of the torturous exercises are cheesy at best, but somehow come off as wince-worthy in spots – we see females toes’ being sucked, then bitten off, faces are bludgeoned to pieces, genitalia are mutilated, set on fire, and generally abused like a cheap rental car while on vacation.

Cameos are in place as well, with scream-queen deluxe Debbie Rochon and John Dugan filling roles to appease the horror fanatics, and if I may offer this on a side note: Debbie Rochon has STILL got it, both in performance and display…if you know what I’m tossing at you. Aside from the aforementioned notable performances, the remainder of the acting is…how do I put this gently? Let’s go with synthetic, and that’s being kind – but if you’re checking out an O’Rear feature for a family-friendly storyline and Oscar-winning acting, then maybe I should suggest taking off your Stevie Wonder shades and reading the fine print – this is debasement in its purest form, and oddly enough it was entertaining to watch – there, someone PLEASE lock me up and swallow the key.

Overall, The Hospital 2, while not exactly topographically correct, will mollify those who weren’t overly enthused with the conclusion of the first film, and will head back for seconds with this offering that’s overloaded with blood, guts, and extra cheese – take a big ol’ bite, for it is indeed a guilty pleasure.

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