New Bio-Slime Pics

Bio-Slime pics!While we’re still waiting to find out when we’ll actually get to see John Lechago’s awesomely-titled Bio-Slime for ourselves, the sickos over at Undead Backbrain just nabbed a slew of exclusive images from the upcoming sci-fi/horror hybrid, one of which you can see on your right.

Bio-Slime is about a group trapped in an apartment complex when a sentient, hungry slime seeps in from unknown origins and begins taking down the complex’s denizens.

If these pics are any indication, this is going to be one nasty, sticky mess of a movie (in a good way, of course), so of course we’ll continue to chart its progress and let you know when you, too, can see it. For more info be sure to hit the official Bio-Slime website, too!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • frank_dracman

    Oh hell yes. The Blob remake is one of my favorite movies and this looks to be a goopy, gory, good time. Keep us posted.